Dawood Ibrahim surrenders after Salman’s verdict, gets bail immediately

Taking a cue from Salman Khan’s trial,  Dawood Ibrahim returned to India and voluntarily surrendered to Indian police. Not wasting any time, Dawood applied for bail which was immediately granted by the judiciary. Our correspondent Kekdekar got a chance to talk to one of the most wanted men in the world.

Kekdekar: Why did you surrender? That too after so many years.

Dawood: I was a little skeptical about the functioning of Indian judiciary all these years.  My faith in Indian judiciary has been reinforced after I heard about Salman Khan’s accident case. I am now sure that I will get justice.

Kekdekar: What is your plan of action, now that you have surrendered?


I salute the Indian judiciary ~ Salman

Dawood: I have no plans as of now other than travelling around Bombay. I really missed this city. I will set up a fancy office in Bombay, I am planning to move head office of D-Company from Karachi to here. I will fight the case in sessions court. It might take at least 15 years for the courts to decide. I have plenty of time to think.

Kekdekar: Why do you think it will take 15 years for courts to decide?

Dawood: It will take that much time because the witnesses of my case are not in India. They are all settled in Dubai. For courts to call them here and get testimony from them is going to take some time. Also after they do that my driver Shafiq is going to take responsibility for all my crimes. That will delay the proceedings by a few years. So, I am pretty sure that it is going to take at least 15 years for session court to decide.

Kedekar: What if you get convicted after 15 years?

Dawood: I can always appeal in higher courts and get bail. Also I would like that to happen. That way all Bollywood celebrities will tweet for me. Praise me for my charity. Sing songs about how my heart is made of gold. I am pretty famous among celebrities, I think it will be fun to be convicted and get out on bail within few hours.

Kekdekar: What if you get convicted by the highest court in India?

Dawood: That might take years. I am not sure if I will be alive till then. Even If I am alive, I am sure of getting parole of 2 months at least 3 times a year.

Kekdekar: 2 months parole, are you kidding?

Dawood: No, you see I am a very secular person. People of all religions and castes have died due to my activities. Sorry! Sorry! my driver Shafiq’s activities. I have to celebrate Eid, Diwali and Christmas. I will need at least 3 paroles a year. I have to meet a lot of family members and friends so parole has to be at least 2 months long.

Mr. Ibrahim is optimistic about his trial. “Justice is blind,” said Mr. Ibrahim. “To the celebrities,” he added with a smirk. At last, Dawood was seen ordering “Being Human” t-shirts online.


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