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Fed up with flooded Mumbai roads, man invents flying cars from sci-fi folklore

After traffic came to a standstill earlier this week in Mumbai, one man has decided to forever change the course of mankind with a simple idea, the flying car.

Pandit Korchowski, who is a perfect specimen of Indo-Russian love-affair from yesteryears, got down to the business of building the flying car after he was frequently brought to screeching halts by potholes, speed-breakers, fruit-sellers, cows, and snake-charmers.

Korchowski, who has done his B.Tech from Caarda University brought his knowledge of Lev Mag technology from YouTube and put it to good use in building cars that can go as high as 250 metres above the ground and upto speeds of 1000 kmph.

As always, Indian culture behind the success

NTMN learnt that Korchowski was inspired by the concept of Pushpak Vimana from mythological series like  the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and wanted to emulate that in the 21st century. He says, “If they could build a flying car in the age of bows and arrows, where monkeys fought wars instead of humans and divine voice-overs were the closest thing to reliable communication, surely we can build one now.”

Sky is the limit, fuel is the differentiation

The Pushpak Vimana of the 21st century

After many failed trial-runs, some of which included cheetahs for imparting take-off velocity and others which used whiskey shots for getting the car “high”, the solution of repelling oscillating magnets was found in a research scroll by Korchowski in a scene reminiscent of the Kung Fu Panda movie.

Time for trial by combat

Finally, once Pandit was done with the tweaks to his 90s Volkswagen Polo, he took the car to the top of Gateway of India. Gripped with fear and excitement in equal measure, Pandit Korchowski revved up the engine, fired up the magnetic levitators and drove off the roof into nothingness.

The next thing he knew, he was gliding through the air like Harry Potter in the book Chamber of Secrets, bullying eagles and crows out of the way and racing past low-flying airplanes in the vast empty skies.

Sources have confirmed that, fortunately, unlike Harry Potter, Mr. Korchowski’s UDO, the flying car was not met by the Whomping Willow.

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