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Historians justify ban on rape documentary, say, “Knowing the truth is not part of Indian culture”

A day after the ban on BBC’s documentary on the 2012 rape victim, “India’s Daughter”, many eminent historians in the country have come forward and tried to explain the phenomenon that has puzzled the greatest minds for many years now.

“I am holier than thou. No, I am holier than thou.”

“Knowing the truth is just not a part of the Indian culture”, the historians unanimously concluded. “Pretension and holier-than-thou spirit is what really sets this country apart. Truth for an Indian is akin to a pepper spray for a rapist. That’s why it stings so much, you see.” Ramachandra Guha, one of the renowned historians in the country, said to NTMN. “When in trouble, retreat into a bubble – that’s always been the country’s motto.”

Let there be euphemisms, the Indian said


“सच कह दिया तो इतना बुरा लग गया? आप भी तो यही सोचते हैं।”

Another historian drew the analogy with how Indians lavish others with adjectives after their death while being plain cruel to them during their life. “It’s amazing how ‘I hated you with all my heart and am so glad to finally see you dead’ actually comes out as ‘He was a great friend and deserved to live much longer’, isn’t it?”

No country for truthful men? 

We took to the streets and got the opinions of bystanders on the issue. The first person we ran into, the milkman whose water is often adulterated with milk, denied the notion of Indians running away from the truth. “This is a lie. We are always looking for the truth and well, that’s the truth. Why? Because I said so. Now, get the heck out of here.”

“There’s always an explanation”

Our next victim respondent, the father of two teenage boys who has stumbled onto adult sites in his browser history one too many times also rejected the “obvious” lie, “Oh please, we are always looking for the truth in this country. For example, the other day I opened my browser and somehow lots of pornographic content popped up on it. Naturally, the first thought that came to my mind was that one or both of my boys were surfing these adult websites.

But, I didn’t let that thought influence my decision at all. I got to the bottom of the issue and figured out that it was the work of a virus which opens adult content with the intent of creating tensions in a happy family. Have I made my point already?” The NTMN reporter simply responded, “In more ways than you can think, sir. Thank you very much.”

Women are a respectable ‘entity’ ~ Fanatics 

Meanwhile, some moral-police organizations had a very refreshing take on the matter. Mr. Ram Bharosey, leader of one such organization said, “The truth is that in our culture, women are a respectable ‘entity’. Women here, stay indoors, get married early, are laden with jewellery, remain under the ghunghat all their lives, and never question their male counterparts.

Such high values are embedded in our women unlike the west, where they roam freely according to their whims, indulge in whatever profession they fancy and are allowed to walk head to head with men. We will not tolerate such preposterous behaviour in our country. We are forward thinkers and we don’t even need to watch that documentary to understand what it is. We will teach them a lesson in ethics.”


Our view: The rapist in his interview didn’t say anything we didn’t already know about the mindset in the country and it is a view that has often been echoed by men in positions of power. As a country, we need to come out of our make-believe world of rich culture and traditions and need to accept our follies to root this menace out. Women in this country deserve better, much better and its our collective responsibility to ensure that. 

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