NTMN’s Youth Internship-cum-Training Program

Since the internship program is NOT OPEN ANY MORE for 2013, it is advised that you check our Write for Us page if you are interested in writing for us.

Six Reasons to Join Our Acclaimed Online Internship-cum-Training Program

1 Enhance your value; Discover a Vision. Experiences with NTMN make you more valuable than before. As a writer, as a student, as an intellectual, as a professional, as a team person/leader. It’s not us who say so; our past interns say so. Get a chance to develop a vision. Make your writing speak for the masses. Develop ambitions and a vision, to make art your weapon for change.

2 Learn new things. A hugely interactive, enlightening environment; fun to be part of. Practise and develop skills at a near-professional level. Get guidance and feedback from experienced people. Improve skills; develop valuable traits like team spirit, leadership and communication.

3 Meet new people. Make new friends at the internship, find new talented people to interact and network with, get inspired from, and share skills with. Moreover, much of your internship program is a team activity.

4 An easy stress-free procedure. NTMN understands your priorities, and hence, we are the most flexible bosses ever. The program is online—you can work from the comfort of your residence. Designed to work fine for you even if you have other commitments like going to college. Working pattern is mainly voluntary.

5 Get crucial opportunities. At NTMN, there always are opportunities lined up which you can’t afford to miss. For the past interns who later got a lifetime chance to be part of our delegation at Manthan Awards, it was our internship that proved to be crucial.

6 Get to explore a student venture closely. A chance to explore a youth venture closely, be part of a professional mechanism, enhance skills that will help you in the future.

Interns at NTMN work in one or both of these areas: (1) writing, (2) content-editing.

DURATION This varies in every season of the program.

WHAT YOU GET NTMN boasts of a learning environment, and is a rare multi-author website to feature such a mechanism. The editorial team works hard to give articles a perfect shape and authors a perfect vision, and the process has given confidence to people with no prior writing experience. Articles always get an editorial feedback, mentioning shortcomings and points which need to be taken care of. If you love writing, this program features the best self-improvement opportunities available online.

There are no monetary benefits from the program. Interns may be given an opportunity to become part of Team NTMN after the program. A certificate of work experience (and a testimonial to selected interns) is awarded to each intern.

Contact: [email protected]

In December 2011, NTMN received the prestigious 8th Annual Manthan South Asia Award for best e-content practices (e-news and -media). The Grand Jury appreciated NTMN for its value as a popular youth platform, and also praised its internship program (“…an internship program that features dedicated training in writing and editing, on an individual basis…”). The delegation of NTMN at the two-day Manthan Bazaar and Awards function, was a team of five, and two of them had joined us as interns in June 2011. They enjoyed a huge exposure at an international event, attended by foreign diplomats, government dignitaries and the corporate sector. It was a lifetime experience for them.

Our internship programs in 2011, 2012, and 2013 have received 1600+ applications in different fields of work, from students and professionals in India and abroad. All these three seasons were memorable affairs, where interns got to meet similar-minded and similarly-talented new people, learned a lot from NTMN and fellow interns, and not to forget, had a lot of fun as well.


  • i am glad that NTMN has opened its doors for the young interns. looking forward for a great experience.

  • I first read about you in THE HINDU of August 22, 2013. I am certainly interested in being in touch but, not as an intern because I am too old and ancient. On the other hand, I would like to contribute features because I write regularly and if you accept outsiders’ contribution. Please do let me know. Thanks.

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