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Open positions: 1. Satirist, 2. Headline Writer, 3. Illustrator, 4. Video Content Developer (details below | application form)

Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.” — Lord Byron.

Why you should apply: NTMN is an international award-winning website, awarded for its content and role as a reputed youth platform in India. The presentation above gives you an idea about the work that we do, the team that we have, and the wonders that we can do together, if you choose to join us.

  • As an NTMNer you will get an opportunity to work with different teams, collaborate to produce the best content in different formats. The NTMN experience helps you develop as a skilled individual and professional in the process.
  • You will get adequate training to be able to succeed and develop personally and professionally.
  • This is an immense learning opportunity for talented individuals who wish to develop and sharpen their entrepreneurial instinct by closely working with a reputed students-led web media venture

Basic expectations: We are looking for young and spirited individuals who are aware of what is happening around them and have the creative energies for writing or designing, preferably with an element of humour and imagination. An ideal NTMNer must be eager to learn, should be reliable and committed, and willing to collaborate with others in the team.

We are a strictly non-profit organization, run and maintained by students and hence the roles will be unpaid. We are in it for the fun, not the money.

Role: Satirist

What we are looking for:

(1) Passion and skill in writing, and to some degree in satire: The satirist is expected to take forward the standards of satire writing already set by NTMN. We expect (1) understanding of intelligent and purposeful wit and humour vs. silly humour lacking purpose, (2) accuracy in the written expression in English, (3) a rational writing style, and (4) an understanding of content from the reader’s point of view. If required, training will be provided to equip the individual with skills suited for NTMN. Individuals who have some habit of reading satire in some form would be preferred.

(2) Interest in current affairs and ability to explore popular issues from a critical viewpoint: Web journalism is a very dynamic job. The satirist would need to follow news and issues in the public discourse, form opinions about them and present them in a humorous manner.

Role: Headline Writer

What we are looking for: You may apply for either social satire, or current affairs, or both.

(Social Satire) Wit, imagination and ability to look at the society (people, culture, mannerisms, etc.) from a humorous point of view: Individuals in this role will help us come up with witty and satirical one-line stories commenting on our social context — based on culture and traditions, education, politics, fashion, media, celebrities, women and youth affairs, social media, etc. These one-line stories will ideally serve as headlines for our full-length stories.

(Current Affairs) Wit, imagination and presence of mind; quick reaction time to news events and trending topics: Individuals in this role will help us come up with witty and satirical one-line stories based on trending topics and recent news events in politics, media, showbiz, popular culture, women and youth affairs, etc. These one-line stories will ideally serve as headlines for our full-length stories. We expect applicants to be active on the social media.

Roles: Illustrator and Video Content Developer

What we are looking for:

(1) General awareness and preferably an aptitude for humour: The individual must be aware of the current happenings around the globe, and preferably be able to look at them from a humorous perspective. The job will require a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and application, thus the individual is expected to keep themselves updated.

(2) Experience with visual creation/video making: Knowledge and experience of at least one image- or video-editing tool, such as Adobe Photoshop, digital drawing board, Easy Video Maker, etc. is expected. Appropriate training will also be provided during the course of the work and the individuals will get ample opportunities to learn and develop their design skills.

(3) Good command over the language: We are a content based website and believe in creating high quality content, we would like the individual to be fluent in the language used on our website i.e. English.


Application and selection procedure:  To begin with you need to fill in this form. We will contact you after this.

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