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“Rs. 1000 not enough, mom must increase my pocket money” – Rahul Gandhi

When a 10 year old Kaushal gave Rahul Gandhi a newspaper for free on 25th April since he didn’t have change for the 1000 rupee note, little did he know that it was Rahul Baba’s pocket money. The events of the day have come to light after Rahul started a public campaign against his mother yesterday to increase his pocket money.

NTMN brings to you the exclusive story. On the 25th of April, Rahul Gandhi was already furious when he had to stop at the red-light like all the other 1.2 billion lowlifes, when a 10 year old newspaper hawker knocked on his car window. Excited that he could now pass some time, Rahul asked Kaushal (the hawker boy) to give him something with a lot of pictures. When the boy refused saying that he only had newspapers with news in them, a slightly disappointed Rahul Gandhi asked for a Hindi newspaper so that he could read easily. Mishearing, Kaushal gave him The Hindu, which Rahul Gandhi promptly returned after turning through few pages and finding nothing but pages and pages with English text in it. Finally, he settled for the Times of India. Kaushal asked for Rs 3, at which point Rahul handed him a Rs 1000 note.

I want ten times the pocket money I currently earn(?), says Rahul Gandhi

I want ten times the pocket money I currently earn(?), says Rahul Gandhi

Seeing a Rs 1000 note for the first time in his life, Kaushal explained that he did not have change for such currency. To that, Rahul responded, “This is all I have, take it or leave it.”

At this point, Kaushal became a little sad at the possibility of losing a customer and politely asked Gandhi, “Couldn’t you bring some change?” Rahul Gandhi and his convoy burst into a unanimous laughter, and then Rahul said, “Do you think I can bring change? You are so naive.” Kaushal started weeping and asked him if he could keep the money and maybe return it to him some other day. In return, Rahul started weeping as well and said an emphatic NO!

When the boy asked him why, Rahul explained, “You didn’t hear me, this is ALL I have, this is the pocket money my mom gives me everyday.” Kaushal stared at him carefully, and finally decided that Mr. Gandhi needed his three rupees more than he needed the thousand. So, he let go of the note and the newspaper and said, “Jaa be, tu bhi kya yaad rakhega kis raees se pala pada tha.”

Later Rahul Gandhi was heard saying, “How could have I given it, it was money hard earned by uncle A. Raja for us. Besides, if I gave him 1000 from the 1000 that I get daily, I would be left with just 10 rupees or something. ” Insiders report that Mrs. G is furious at her son’s public campaign, and has decided to further reduce his pocket money to a meagre 10 rupees a day, in order to teach him a lesson.

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