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Group of Ministers transferred to CBI to ensure its autonomy

After the Supreme Court’s rebuke, the UPA government has taken the idea of CBI’s autonomy seriously. It has appointed a group of ministers specially to maintain a watch on CBI’s working and ensure that it is autonomous.

Among the ministers are P. Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal, the usual suspects. Ashwani Kumar has been transferred from the Law Ministry to the CBI as a grammar editor who will proofread CBI status reports. CBI director Ranjit Sinha looked satisfied when he said, “The PM has personally assured me that his government will consider my inputs as well in CBI’s functioning.”

Despite such concrete efforts to make CBI autonomous, the Opposition has reacted by asking for the Prime Minister’s resignation. After he refused to resign yet again, the Opposition sought a CBI inquiry into the matter. But Kapil Sibal said that CBI is still an autonomous body like before and hence, does not heed to external pressure, such as the one created by the Opposition. The inquiry was not allowed to start.

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