DC Comics hires Mandarin, offers him a more legitimate villainous role

Marvel and DC are at it again. The much-celebrated cold-war between the comic-book giants seems to have finally gone overboard, as DC Comics have made a move on a fan-favorite villain of the Marvel universe, the Mandarin.

After the Mandarin was showed as a dim-witted conman in Iron-Man 3, DC sensed it as the perfect moment to swoop  in and offer the character “a more legitimate and completely unprecedented villainous role” in their upcoming movies. They hope to cash in on the popularity of the character, after many fans were left disappointed by the way he was treated in Iron-Man 3.

Mandarin to be rechristened as “Mandarine”


The Mandarin is pissed-off with the treatment in Iron-Man 3.

DC have already tied-down the actor who played Mandarin in Iron-Man 3, Ben Kinglsey to a long-term contract and are planning a new set of movies with “Mandarine” (to avoid copyright issues) as the greatest villain of all time. He will play the lead role and go against some well-established DC heroes in a trilogy of films: “The Darker Knight: Mandarine” , “Man of even more steel: Mandarine” and “The Justice League of the Mandarine” . If his role in Iron-Man was anything to go by, brace yourself Bruce Wayne, you may have a new “Joker” on your hand.

Wonder Woman switching over to Marvel?

Sources report that Marvel are in talks with the Wonder Woman to switch sides and bring her oomph onscreen in the Marvel verse, as a swift retaliation for the Mandarin move. If negotiations are successful, we hear that Tony Stark might get to tango with the newly-acquired Diana as early as Iron-Man 4.

(Inputs: Apoorva Mittal)

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