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Chetan Bhagat files PIL asking why his books are not getting banned

Chetan Bhagat, a renowned IITian-sperm owner and an “ignominious” author in the opinion of many, has finally decided to knock at the Supreme Court doors. Due to the recent bans on many authors and their books, the author has asked the courts to read his books properly and ban at least one of them.

He feels a bit jealous because the book Satanic Verses, the movie Vishwaroopam, author Ashis Nandy, Taslima Nasreen and authors of various other “goddamn” books were banned just because they hurt sentiments of some religious groups, but all of these went on to be famous afterwards. In an interview he said, “The government is totally biased. I have written books which are totally against the whole concept of readership and literature but they are not banning those. I want to be famous too. This is just not fair. Now I will seek justice in court.” Meanwhile, Indian people are welcoming his move whole-heartedly. Self-proclaimed sophisticated readers are even praying that the court decides in his favour, in the favour of humanity and mankind. A reader said that, “I am amazed he was not banned till now but better late than never! Now we will only have to read his articles in TOI.”

Chetan Bhagat is puzzled when he sees even those authors getting banned who are yet of his stature!

Chetan Bhagat is puzzled when he sees even those authors getting banned who are yet of his stature!

Some people are way too passionate about this move. They have even started protests demanding a ban on his Times of India articles and tweets too. A poster said, “Ban Chetanic Verses, not Satanic Verses”. On asking how is this going to affect Indian Literature, a bookworm replied, “What are you talking about? There was no literature in his books! We will make sure he really gets banned.”

“Big” authors like Salman Rushdie and Aravind Adiga are also supporting the protests. Needless to say, Chetan Bhagat is overwhelmed by the response. He even decided to join the protests for one day. Rushdie said, “After this sad decline in Indian literature, it seems Chetan Bhagat has lit a light of hope by demanding a ban on his books. Let’s hope he wins this one.” As soon as Rushdie said these words he was asked to apologize for them. Since there is no such rule of fatwa in Gujarat, the business-minded Gujaratis have now released a “batwa” against Rushdie. Now whenever he will be found in Gujarat, any person will have the right to snatch his batwa (wallet).

Rushdie was in India last week to promote a movie based on his book Midnight’s Children. And it seems, despite the apology, he was forced to return back to England with Bhagat’s book-based-movie Kai Po Che!‘s DVD. Seeing Bhagat’s professionalism in the business of movie promotion, we must say Kai Pro Che!.

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