Children stories to be revised with morals of corruption to guide youth better

The education ministry, in an attempt to keep up with the changing moral values of the times, has decided to revise the classic stories for children from classes nursery to Vth.

The stories will now be loosely based on the fables of Jataka tales and Panchatantra, but with revised endings which impart corrupt and shrewd moral values. The ministry believes the idea can raise more Rajas and Kalmadis in the future instead of annoyances like Arvind Kejriwal.

Talking about the inspiration behind these ideas, Kapil Sibal, Minister of HRD, slyly hinted toward his peers who have been the pioneers of this discipline. He then discussed a few stories with the press to give a general idea. Here are a few of them:

81-7301-097-8-img1. The tortoise and the hare. The tortoise defeats the lazy hare in the race. but then the hare bribes the timekeeper into declaring the race illegal as the proper protocol was not followed. The race is repeated and this time the hare runs as fast as it could, but again it finds the tortoise at the finish line in a Jeep. Turns out the tortoise was the son of a local politician. Hare is found murdered the next day.

2. Monkey and the Crocodile. The monkey says that he will get his liver back from the tree, and the crocodile lets him go. Monkey climbs up the tree and survives crocodile’s evil plan. The crocodile files a complaint in the court that the monkey has betrayed his trust. The trial is sped up for some mysterious reasons, people suspect that the croc bribed the jury but there is no proof. The judiciary finds the monkey guilty of betrayal and asks it to donate its liver to the croc. The monkey dies and finally the crocodile and his wife get a hearty dinner. Justice is served!

3. The rat and the lion. The rat nibbles away the net that had trapped the lion and the lion and the rat become good friends again. Later, the rat is caught red-handed nibbling at the lioness’s tail and the lion is heartbroken to find his wife and his best friend in such a situation. The lion leaves the cave after getting to know that the rat’s age is 67.

4. The monkeys and the cat. The cat divides the bread among the monkeys and eats the whole thing tricking them. The monkeys do not feel cheated, instead, they are filled with rage against each other for the loss of bread. The cat tells them that it is because both of them belong to different religions. The monkeys start biting each other, rioting in the whole jungle. The king of the monkeys turns a blind eye to the riots because his vote bank is involved.


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