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College student in shock after “cute girl” actually turns out to be a “hot mom”

This is the story of Taran Kaneja, who got the shock of his life when someone he thought was a “cute girl” turned out to be a “hot mom”. Indeed, true love has no boundaries. It knows no culture, race or age. It exists beyond time. Not everyone can find this true love.

When Taran Kaneja (name slightly changed) woke up early this Saturday morning to go to the passport office, he had no idea that he was in for the biggest shock of his life.

“Cutest Girl I had ever seen”

As soon as he saw her at the office, Taran knew that he had found his soul-mate, his one true love. She was the “cutest girl” he had ever seen. Taran, a student at Yet Another College of Engineering, thought things would end then and there. But then, something unexpected happened. She looked back at him and gave him the faintest smile of acknowledgement. He was in with a shot! With butterflies in his stomach, Taran approached the cute girl to casually ask her out for a cup of coffee. But, this is where this love story ends.


The “cute girl” actually turned out to be a “hot mom”, says Taran. He is currently recuperating from this heartbreak at AIIMS. He realized it when the woman’s five-year-old son ran in from behind her and said to him, “Uncle, uncle, with all due respect, I want to say, take your bloody eyes off my mom!”

Taran's days have become lifeless, nights sleepless.

Taran’s days have become lifeless, and nights sleepless.

“Why did she have to be a mom?” Taran continued. “Do you know how difficult it is to find a good-looking girl these days? And, I thought we really had a connection there. It’s just like that time I had a crush on Chitrangda Singh, when I first saw her in a movie. She too turned out to be married, and she had kids too. Why does this always happen to me? Can’t I settle down with a very good-looking, well-natured girl from a good family, who earns well, knows how to cook, loves me, takes care of me etc. etc.?”

Parents slam Taran; Girl offers explanation

Taran’s mother was disapproving of his son’s trysts with married women while his father vowed to put him back on track with his hunter, when NTMN caught up with them. Finally, we hunted down the “hot mom” who broke Taran’s heart and demanded an explanation why she did that to the poor soul. She said, “Oh that kid from the passport office? When I first looked at him, I instantly knew he was an engineering student. How? Oh, they are everywhere, and besides, he had that Devdas look about him. So, here’s the deal. I have been looking around for a babysitter for my five-year old son. And this Taran you mention looked like he could do with some extra money. So, I smiled at him and was going to approach him with the job offer, but the next thing I know, he is hitting on me, asking me for coffee, lunch and dinner all at the same time. That is when he met my son. He really didn’t take it well and fell down clutching his chest. I had to flee the scene, you see.”

Meanwhile, Taran’s friends and engineering students from all over India indulged in protests, demanding the legal marriageable age of women to be increased to 40 (50, 60 etc.) We also hear that the “hot mom” finally paid him a visit at the hospital for closure.

Disclaimer: The protagonist (the victim) here is not Karan Taneja.

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