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Contractors to dig up more roads this monsoon

The Road Safety Authority of India (RSAI) has asked engineers and contractors to start digging up roads with the onset of monsoon each year. Even though laying sewage pipes and water pipelines during the downpour season may result in water logging and disruption in road traffic, the contractors believe this can only benefit the people.

Says the Director of a contracting body, “During the monsoons, roads become slippery and accidents are more likely to occur. If we dig up roads and thus make lanes smaller, traffic will increase because of the bottleneck and vehicles will have to slow down. So, in other words we are preventing road accidents.” He goes on to explain another benefit of digging up roads during the monsoon. “These days, kids walk on roads with their earphones plugged in and eyes glued to their phones. Since we dig up roads, it forces them to stop looking at their phones while walking lest they might fall down into an open gutter and die. Parents will be very grateful for this.”

The Director claims this is because the workers prefer working in the rain to the sun.

The Director claims this is because the workers prefer working in the rain to the sun.

The construction workers are also in complete agreement with their employers. One of the workers was found saying that since the construction work is happening in the monsoon, it will take longer to complete than otherwise. This suits the workers because they stay employed for a much longer time.

“Thus road construction during monsoons improves road safety and provides employment during a bad recession,” the Director reinforced his validation. He also vehemently denied any claims that construction work is undertaken just before the monsoon season only to claim loss of cement, gravel etc. later and thus get reimbursed from the Governments.

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