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Crowd cheers as drivers put up inspirational street fight after minor car accident in Delhi

One of those involved suggests bravery awards for street fighters; the other hopes he impressed girls who saw him fight

A car accident took place on the streets of Kirti Nagar in the capital yesterday. Sonu (31) had just started on his way to work, when a speeding white Honda City brushed against his silver Swift Dzire. Stepping out of their cars to see the damage, Sonu and Ramesh, 28 (the Honda driver), found some of the paint chipped off due to the impact.

Excited by the damage done, Sonu took out an iron rod from the back of his car and with Ramesh’s consent, broke the headlights of both the cars. And so, after finally getting some proper reason to fight upon, an argument began. It started with verbal abuses, continued with hurling of stones, punches and kicks until they had to be shifted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital nearby for treatment. This is the 52nd incident of its kind in the past three weeks.

Team NTMN managed to interview some of the people present at the scene of the fight. An onlooker Sunny who lives nearby said, “As soon as I saw the commotion, I immediately brought my kids to see the show. I want them to learn to fight like a man for what is right.” However, when we asked, he said he had no idea who actually was “right” here.

While they fought most of the time grinning, the two fighters were kind enough to pose for us here.

While they fought most of the time grinning, the two fighters were kind enough to pose for us here.

“Fights like this rarely happen. The punch by the guy in the white shirt (Sonu) on the other guy’s face was awesome. And I made these out of the fight!” said an ecstatic Puneet, another spectator, while waving at us three 500-rupee-notes. He later revealed that there actually were four of them, but one had to go into the pocket of a policeman who had caught him betting.

The police luckily had arrived as they happened to be patrolling in a nearby area. “The public is smart and sensible now. They now settle all their disputes themselves; we seldom come into the picture. In fact our phones hardly ring,” said Constable Balwant, while relishing a complimentary samosa and tea, from Bhola samosewala. Bhola’s business is nowadays in full swing, considering the exponential rise in the number of such brawls, which lead to huge crowds and therefore huge demand for snacks too. He now plans to get his stall motorized, and plans to add energy drinks to his menu, so that such street fighters could fight “long hours”.

We were able to interview the stars of this fight, soon after they were discharged:

“I had started on my way to the office, swaying to the beats of that latest song from Dabangg 2, when a car hit mine. That was it. My plan for the day was set. After all, only an idiot would miss such an opportunity. Anyway, I’m happy that at least my children can now proudly say that their father is a hero,” said Sonu, grinning, baring all of his remaining twenty-one teeth. He also suggested that a special bravery award must be introduced for such exceptional “street-fighters”.

“These fights are in phasion (sic) these days. I hope I impressed some of the beautiful ladies who were present there!” said Ramesh who now sits with both arms dislocated and a broken jaw, while still trying his best to flaunt his biceps. He also added that a girl had even called him up, after the fight, complimenting him on his skills. But actually neither did any such call happen, nor were there any ladies in the crowd, as we later found out. Doctors say that the blow to his head might have altered his memory.

The video of this incident has already gone viral on YouTube, gathering 50,000 views in just 24 hours. The person who uploaded it, a teenager named Rahul, had this to say: “The fight was so cool.  I’ve become a mini celebrity myself for my exceptional recording skills.” The video is also being used by boxing experts, who claim the fighters used a variety of new and innovative moves, learning which might prove to be handy in their upcoming tournaments.

This post has been written by Utkarsh Joshi, and has been edited by Ravi Aswani. Utkarsh and Ravi are currently interning with NTMN under its Youth Internship-cum-Training Program.

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