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Dil Jumping Zapak song helping several Indians lose weight while watching IPL

The average Indian is confused. He doesn’t know whether to watch IPL and munch on food, or to dance to the “Dil Jumping Zapak” song and risk losing weight. This realization comes in after it was observed that a few smart audiences took Farah Khan very seriously, and danced to the song on every boundary and wicket. Their plight on Gayle’s 175-run stroll was such that there were reports of some being rushed to the hospital by the end of his innings.

Ms. Neeta Ambani, a fitness freak and owner of Mumbai Indians team remarked, “Dil Jumping Zapak is commendably choreographed and the dance moves reminds me of aerobics classes.” She said that she dances every time it’s played, and she has also recommended this to some of her near-and-dear ones, failing to mention exactly who.

Farah Khan teaching the Dil Jumping Zapaak dance

Farah Khan teaching the Dil Jumping Zapak dance

Mr. Rajeev Shukla, the IPL chief was a bit taken aback when we said that the song is insensible and that no word could be understood except for Dil Jumping in the title. “How much of the Gangnam style do you really understand? Open Gangnam style! Etc. etc, And again, Open Gangnam style! Same story.”

To inspire audiences to dance more and lose weight with IPL, the advertising team has already started publishing the “before and after” images. We hear that they are using pics of “random aunties” for “before” and cheerleaders from different teams for the “after” pics. Also, such posters of Farah herself, thanks to surgery and not dance, and Ms. Neeta Ambani too are also doing the rounds.

Taking note of the recent trend of audience taking IPL and its dances more seriously and getting fitter day after another, Baba Ramdev and the like have already started hunting another resort for livelihood. He was quoted saying, “With this going on, by the end of the next IPL season, they will be thinner than me in the Kapal-bhati mode!”

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