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In an interview with NTMN, Chetan Bhagat tries to prove himself again

Inspired and highly motivated by the success of Kai Po Che!, Chetan Bhagat, once again craving for “credits”, has now decided to try his luck further in the film industry as a Director/Actor/Writer. His move has bamboozled—or rather shocked—other scriptwriters as well as people from the film fraternity. Himesh Reshammiya finally has a worthy competitor in the race for the most “lukewarm response” from the public.

Team NTMN, after a long wait, finally got an opportunity to have a trifling chat with him. Chetan explained to us that he has been busy trying to prove that his novels are not something only a 16-year-old can flaunt, and that he provides some “mature stuff” as well (18-plus only).

Some excerpts from the interview:

NTMN: Hello Chetan, first of all congratulations for the success of the movie Kai Po Che. After 3 Idiots, another hit blockbuster based on your novel. How does it feel?

Chetan: Thank you so much. It feels great. It’s a great marketing strategy actually. You can milk the public for the same story again and again. I am planning on starting an animated soap opera, Bai Poche and a theatre show, Zero Point, Everyone to cash in on the same stories again.

NTMN: Bollywood really seems to be inspired by your work. Your novels have given work to unemployed film writers and directors.

kai po che chetanCB: I have always tried to write some good stories depicting reality and adding minimum fiction to them. So far, my stories have been accepted whole heartedly by the people. Even the film industry has been following them. And no, I do not pay them to do that. Thank you. (An evil smile)

NTMN: That’s true. Your novels have always been more pragmatic than, let’s say, spiced up fiction. Isn’t it? I mean when in your first novel, you said that one could get away with stealing the question paper by simply submitting some extra projects, we religiously believed you. (Of course when we were 16! Things have changed now, you know; better stuff to deal with!)

Anyway, now let’s get to the crux of this conversation. What influenced you to take a step forward and try your luck in the film industry?

CB: I have always tried to raise some really petty important issues through my work. Now, by becoming a part of this industry, I can reach a bigger audience. Don’t forget, I have the distinction of being the only author who manages to reduce the readers’ IQ through the course of a book! So, it’s going to be a fantastic new journey for me.

NTMN: (murmuring) Umm, so will have to come at our own risk.

CB: Excuse me!

NTMN: Never mind, so have you already started working on any project? Any offers so far?

CB: Yes, I’ve received two offers, one for the lead actor in Ram Gopal Varma’s next horror flick, Two Maids. I accepted this offer as it’s a story about an illicit relationship of a man with his two maids and the consequent tragic incidences; very very realistic indeed.  Now, I will also get a chance to visually present those ideas which were earlier limited to my writings.

NTMN: And we hope that you’ll come up with something brilliant, Chetan. What about the two lead actresses?

CB: RGV has finalised Rakhi Sawant as one of the two actresses. He’s still thinking about the second name; actually he is just looking for another “female” who can work with Rakhi. Let me know if “anyone” you know can come up to this job.

Here is my card. The latest one. (Blushes)

NTMN: (reluctantly) Yes sure. Wow, that’s amazing. Tell us about the second offer.

CB: Farhan Akhtar has approached me to write a script for his new movie. He’ll be the director, producer and actor and will also sing some songs for this movie. But as he is too occupied in the preparation of the above mentioned roles, he has little time to prepare the script.

NTMN: That’s unbelievable Chetan, already getting offers from such reputed personalities. Great going I must say, and it’s just the beginning.

CB: Thank you! And now allow me to leave. I have to discuss with RGV the inclusion of some intimate scenes in the movie. After all, I can’t disappoint my fans.

NTMN: Sure Chetan. We wish you all the best for the future.

CB: Thank you!

This post has been written by Shubhanker Saxena and edited by Punita Maheshwari. Shubhanker and Punita are interning with NTMN in our Youth Internship and Training Program 2013.

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