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Engineers and Karnataka MLAs protest after SC notice on pornography

The mundane environment of the Karnataka State Assembly witnessed a sudden uproar today when the Speaker asked some MLAs in the special session to shut their iPads off. On being asked why, the Speaker said that the Supreme Court had issued a notice against watching porn. But two ministers who had been caught watching pornographic movies during a session last year protested against this vehemently. Resigning from the cabinet, one said, “If you ban it, what will we do in the Assembly, for porn’s sake!”

Engineers meanwhile are also against the idea. An IITian says, “We’re already suffering from a low sex ratio, like 0 females per 100 males. Won’t banning porn make the best breed of this country impotent?”

For engineering students who go to not-so-prestigious colleges, this ban is surely going to affect their placements. “Where are we gonna go now! This industry was our last hope,” says one such student.

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