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Kejriwal: Modi a tangent, Advani an asymptote, and Rahul a parallel line to the PM chair

Arvind Kejriwal, on the eve of counting day, put on a brave face and took jibes at the figures widely thought to have been in the running for the Prime Minister’s position. Kejriwal said Narendra Modi is like a tangent to the PM’s chair, who might be able to meet the chair, but only once and never again.

“AAP will be like a sine curve”

“In comparison,” he said, “if AAP comes to power, it will be like a sinusoidal curve intersecting the PM chair curve again and again till infinity.”

“Advani an asymptote, Rahul a parallel line”


“Modi is just a tangent to the PM’s chair; he will only touch it once if at all”

Kejriwal termed Bhartiya Janta Party’s ‘Patriarch’ L.K Advani’s Prime Ministerial ambition analogous to an asymptote saying that he will only keep on getting closer to the chair but will never be able to actually sit on it. Kejriwal also attacked the Congress Vice-President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi comparing his ambition of the PM’s chair to a parallel line justifying by adding that he can never ever even get close to the chair. “I was going to say ‘skew lines’ but it might have been too complex for some people”, he quipped, laughing loudly at his own joke.

Advani: Ab ki baar Modi sarkar

While L.K. Advani was critical of Kejriwal’s remarks at first, after due ‘respect’ was bestowed upon him by senior leaders, he welcomed the statement. “Ab ki baar Modi Sarkar (sigh)”. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, gave a befitting answer to Kejriwal saying he has always been weak in Sanskrit. It was followed by a roaring applause from the Congress intellectuals.

Mayawati tears into Kejriwal

Behen Kunwari Mayawati feeling left out, launched an attack on Kejriwal, claiming that he is trying to humiliate the downtrodden and ‘Pichda Varg’ by citing such examples of high intellect and reassured the Dalits that she would complain to the EC to stop such malpractices.

In other news, the world’s largest democracy’s most entertaining general elections will conclude on 16th May and the News agencies have started scrounging into Salman Khan’s marriage debate again and contacting Nirmal Baba as these important issues have been left far behind owing to the elections.

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