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Hoping to fly to India Gate, man jumps from building after drinking Red Bull

The height of insanity was exemplified by Vishal Gupta, a resident of Gurgaon, when he tried to imitate a Red Bull ad and attempted to fly.

Vishal was apparently inspired by a Red Bull advertisement that shows a Buddhist Lama who could fly after consuming the supposed energy drink. Vishal had taken a week off from work to devise his plan. In keeping with his glorious scheme, he bought 30 Red Bull cans. He had full confidence in the magic wings endowed by Red Bull.

Finally yesterday, Vishal decided to put his belief into action. He climbed up on the terrace of DLF Towers and announced that he was going to jump from there, without any physical support. “I will be flying to India Gate,” he announced. Within minutes, the area was swarming with people. Among the bewildered crowd, many thought that he was going to commit suicide.

Soon, news channel vans reached the spot and started recording the proceedings. The police were quick to respond; they reached an hour late. By 4:30pm, Vishal had had nine cans of Red Bull. He shouted that if one can of Red Bull could make a Lama fly, then nine cans were enough to reach the moon—and then, he jumped.

He was rushed to Medanta Hospital with 23 fractures. A Red Bull executive from India was quick to respond, “It is the conspiracy of Coca Cola company against Red Bull. They are afraid of our growing market. That boy works for them.”

Illustration by Harsh Dahiya

An eyewitness, Nikhil, Vishal’s good friend, said, “I had always noticed the excitement in him and brightness in his eyes each time he saw the Red Bull advertisement on TV. However, I had never thought that he would go to such an extent.”

“Was cheated”

Meanwhile, getting back to his senses after twelve surgeries, Vishal said, “I was cheated. The shopkeeper sold me fake Red Bull cans. It is just because of my love for Red Bull that I have survived. Next time I shall buy real Red Bull cans and try again. All hail Red Bull.”

Baba Ramdev, after hearing about the incident, reiterated his views on all soft drinks. He said that drinks are solely meant for “toilet cleaning” and that foreign companies are “big frauds”. He demanded that the government take steps to drive such companies out of India.

(ed. Ruchi Uppal)

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