Manish Malhotra to design helmets for women, Poonam Pandey sheds it all to create ‘Balance’

Startled by the huge outrage over the newly enacted mandate making wearing helmet necessary for women, ace fashion designer Manish Malhotra today came upfront and addressed the media.

“I fully understand the ‘anguish’ women of Delhi are going through after the enactment of such a law. Delhi is not only the National Capital but also the petty Crime Capital, Fatal Accidents Capital, Pollution Capital but it is more importantly the Fashion Capital of India. I am aware of the desolation and despondency of the Delhi’s fashionista girls and hence to alleviate them from their suffering I promise to come up with designer helmets that would serve as the panacea.”

Helmets create waves

Deepika-Padukone-On-Scooter-540x405As the news proliferated, a euphoric wave enraptured the females of Delhi. NTMN reporters sought to take opinion from a few of them. An ecstatic young fashion designing student had tears of joy in her eyes when she heard of it. “I had almost given up all hope of being able to look charismatic after such a ruthless law was enacted. However, since Manish Malhotra is designing it, I am absolutely positive of the end product. I might as well end up wearing his helmet even when am not driving”, she said.

Another woman from Janakpuri claimed she could avert every danger on the road she came across without having to wear a helmet. Albeit, after a short drive sitting behind her our reporter realized it was others who needed to stay away from her in order to stay safe.

Poonam Pandey seeks to create awareness via nudity

Another news making rounds is that after the hard-to- designate Poonam Pandey’s Facebook account was deactivated following her post pertaining to the now viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge featuring her in objectionable clothing, she has devised a new gimmick. This time she plans to do a ‘Shed it All’ photo shoot featuring her as wearing, well, just a helmet. Her argument,” My intent is to create ‘awareness’ and am doing it for the society”.

The law though simple is sure to create many more ripples in the coming days.


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