Massive protests after Airwell fails to deliver slow internet for as long as one hour

Massive protests broke out across the country after Airwell telecommunications failed to deliver slow internet and instead delivered internet speeds of up to 2mbps to the subscribers of its 3G connection.

The company which promises to deliver up to 7.1 mbps usually provides maximum speeds up to 160kbps on the day of the first recharge which is reduced to around 40kbps on subsequent days. The sudden increase in internet speed last Monday left thousands of customers confused and angry.

“Porn played without buffer”


Airwell might not be able to provide uninterrupted slow internet anymore

Scores of angry protestors vandalized the customer service centres run by the company across the country and new 3G SIM cards were burned in heaps at several places.

“They can’t do this.I feel cheated” said an angry protestor. He went on to explain, “I am an engineering student at a private engineering college. Last Monday night, I thought I would watch some porn on the internet before heading off to bed.

I clicked on a video and the 15 minute video played without spending 25 minutes on buffering. The excitement of waiting to see what would happen after the buffering is over is gone.

I was horrified at this and thought to myself this can’t be true, the video must stop at 7 minute mark, but it played on.It played so fast that I could not process what happened. I demand a full refund from the company.”

“What will I do with all that extra time?”

Another protestor, a 30 year old said “I logged on to check the social networking sites and emails and what usually takes me a full 30 minutes took only 10 minutes. Will the company tell me what I am supposed to do with the extra 20 minutes?

If this happens every day I would end up wasting 140 minutes in a week. Can you imagine that? This was highly irresponsible of them. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India should take severe actions against them.”

Airwell Telecommunications have issued a public apology following the incident and assured that such incidents would not happen in the future.

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