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MBAs sue Modi for excessive use of jargon in his speech; claim jargons are their own copyright

"Modi has used 5 years’ worth of our complex jargon and abbreviations," says McKinsey consultant

Narendra Modi made his hallmark speech this week at SRCC—a speech which filled many people with extreme emotions running in both directions. However, while most people would convince you that the speech was filled with hope and aspirations, we have reasons to believe otherwise, and with conclusive evidence too. A group of students from IIM Ahmedabad, ISB, along with some McKinsey consultants, have collectively sued Narendra Modi for excessive use of “jargon”, thus eating into their bread and butter.

The group has submitted the following list of words/phrases used in the Modi Speech that they consider to be their explicit property:

  • P2G2: Pro-People Good-Governance
  • Integrated Approach
  • 5F Formula: Farm -> Fiber -> Fabric -> Fashion -> Foreign
  • *Model* of governance
  • Major challenges facing India
  • Demographic Scope
  • Harnessing the Opportunity
  • *Channelizing* the resources
  • Three Prong Development Model
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • From Lap to Lane
  • My Cotton Grower
  • Citizen Aspirations
  • Double the Tourism Growth
  • Increase in Economic Offences
  • Mob Psychology
  • Quality Manpower
  • Techno-Savvy
  • First in the world in XYZ
  • Technology Upgradation
  • Standing in the Competitive World
  • Branding
  • Visible Upliftment
  • Global Relevancce
  • Instituationalization of things
  • Consumer Psyche
  • Knowledge Century
  • Skill Development
  • Scalability
  • Minimum Government, Maximum Governance
  • Developmental Politics

modiSo, by filing this lawsuit against Modi, are the MBAs tacitly admitting that they use complex jargon? One IIM-A student says, “We only bring to fruition the language required for effective and undisputed communication of a probable cause or scenario by stating it explicitly or paraphrasing it in a way which is coherently and concisely yet comprehensively grasped by all the parties party to the communiqué.” We could not understand whether that meant yes or no; nonetheless he continues, “Any use of such a revered tradition of presentation for the perpetuation of political rhetoric for self-inflicting gains whether warranted or not, used consciously or subliminally combined with the prevailing visage can nucleate a horizontal dissemination where a vertical harmonization is intended, and thus….” We had to leave him midway.

Among the many other people who were confused with the use of such language was Rahul Gandhi. He was heard saying, “Why did he use these words? Unless maybe his mom told him that Jargon is Power! I would never use these words, as between both our mothers, it would make them poison.”

A McKinsey consultant, visibly disappointed, said, “We have to work harder now as Modi has used 5 years’ worth of our jargon and abbreviations. We are also skipping the release of the next McKinsey Quarterly Magazine. There would be no new content in it now, would there?”

Disclaimer: In view of the full disclosure, the writer is an ardent Modi fan.

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