Narendra Modi gets frustrated with ‘Achhe Din’, calls it a Congress jargon

“Congress Jargon!” bellowed Narendra Modi, when he was asked for the fifteenth time in a press-conference about the progress of ‘Acche din’. He continued, “I’ve promised many things to the nation like something about the economy, some stuff about inflation, fiscal deficit and lots of jargon here and there but I have never used this expression before. You have my word for that. This is a Congress ploy to embarrass the Government.”

“BJP has no failures, we only have achievements”

002650achchceModi was asked about the achievements and failures of his Government in the short span of time by an NTMN reporter, which he answered with some elan. “This Government has no failures. Everything bad happening to the economy is due to the previous UPA Government. And all the achievements are due to the NDA Government. Take the Katra railway link for example. It was a failure beforehand but we’ve turned it into a success within a month. Yes, we are that good. But, please stop with this ‘Acche din’ nonsense.”

Congress responds in kind

Meanwhile, the now-nationalist-turned-nominal party, Congress lashed out at Mr. Modi’s remarks. Leader of INC in the Lok Sabha, Mr. Mallikarjun Kharge was reported saying, “Impossible. We could never have coined an election-winning tag-line like that. Rahul Baba leads us, remember?”

Another Congress member, a retired internet troll, argued against his own party’s voice on condition of anonymity. “Rahul baba is a visionary and had foreseen the reality of Modi’s claims of ‘acche din’. His smile during the press conference following the election results was like that of Mona Lisa’s – enigmatic and all-knowing. And, look, Modi is fumbling big time over his promises. Rahul really is a genius. People nowadays are too stupid to understand a genius!”

Government to play Big Brother?

Inside reports suggest the BJP may move to take down all evidence of ever having used the phrase, ‘Acche din’ overnight. They will soon roll out a campaign to convince people that ‘Acche din’ was a Congress promise which they failed to deliver upon. It is expected that people’s trust in the BJP, which was just starting to shake a little, will be restored afterwards. The logic is that people’s memory is as strong as advertisements and it is nothing that a new campaign of brainwashing can’t fix within a few days.


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