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Narendra Modi not invited to a playway school’s annual function; media goes berserk

School principal's ties with Congress being investigated

In yet another major blow to Narendra Modi, a playway school in a Nagaland village has not invited him for its annual function. Rumours created and spread by the media suggest that the school principal is a Modi critic. “Does this little school think it is bigger than the Chief Minister of a democratically-elected government?” roared Mr. Arnab Goswami on The News Hour yesterday.

“The aversion to Modi might be because of his alleged involvement in the Gujarat riots, because the school has not been inviting Mr. Modi right since 2002,” as speculated by a Zee News report. The school principal, who started the school exactly 10 years ago, has denied any links with the Congress but the media is investigating the theory. A Surdarshan News reporter has found that the school principal’s great-grandfather was a clerk at the 1890 Indian National Congress session.

narendra modiThis being the case of a minor playway school, is possibly the biggest violation of the unsaid protocol of Modi-worship in recent times. The last time such a daredevilry was witnessed was when Modi’s invitation to Alpha Centauri for a keynote speech at an aliens’ meet was cancelled last month due to some communal tension. It was according to experts, a major blow to Modi.

In latest breaking news, these developments have been met with shock from Modi supporters and “I-told-you” looks from critics. Stressing upon the “Modi-is-going-everywhere” theory, a man told a TV channel: “We invited him to a jaagran last week in our locality, and Mr. Modi had readily agreed to deliver a lecture. It’s outrageous that a playway school has dared to keep him away.”

Meanwhile, there is news of several other schools which have never invited Modi to their functions. The news about each of these schools will be kept by channels in reserve for lean periods, said an Aaj Tak reporter.

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