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Premier Indian Institute building aflame due to excessive friction between chalk and blackboard

When Professor Harsamay Rotemal strode into the classroom earlier today, opened his reference book on “Friction as a form of energy“, and started copying text onto the blackboard as usual, little did he know that it would result in a gigantic fire in the building. As it turns out, the friction generated between the chalk and the blackboard was off the charts and ended up being the cause of the fire.

Busy tweeting and texting

While the rest of the students were busy tweeting and texting about it, and Professor Rotemal was trying to fend off the flames from the blackboard, one bright student had the presence of mind to call the fire brigade immediately. The classroom was evacuated before the fire could hurt anyone.

Rotemal thinks he is a xerox machine, quite literally


Added to the children’s science book: How to create fire from a chalk!

On further inspection, it was revealed that the cause of the excessive friction was the extraordinary speed at which Professor Rotemal was writing. “The blackboard had become used to not being written on at all in the past, you see.” The investigating police officer explained. “But, Mr. Rotemal was in a hurry. He wanted to finish copying every single word from his book onto the blackboard within the limited time of one hour.” Our sources have told us that Mr. Rotemal has a psychological condition, where he thinks of himself as a xerox machine, and therefore tries his best to emulate it.

NTMN talked to a student from the class and she had only positive things to say for the perpetrator, “Mr. Rotemal is one of the best teachers we have. He copies everything from the prescribed book, only because he wants to give us exhaustive notes on the subject. Today, he was faster in copying as our exams are round the corner. It was just an accident.”

Stroke of genius?

It has also been suggested by some that it may actually have been a stroke of genius from Professor Rotemal in order to give a practical demonstration to his students on how friction really is a form of energy. Rotemal himself has denied it though, seemingly petrified by the incident. He has been taken to a psychiatrist to recover from the chalk…oops…shock.

Use photocopy machines as much as possible: Authorities

The fire did not lead to much loss, but it has definitely come across as a lesson for all professors that they must go slow on the blackboards. Even the students have been advised by the on-looking teachers to keep a low speed while copying notes or while filling their answer sheets during exams, in order to prevent such incidents in the future. Students and teachers have been told by the institute authorities to use photocopy machines as much as possible and to avoid any pen-paper contact.


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