Professor slams student for not agreeing to mass bunk on semi-final day

In an interesting turn of events, a professor at Indian Institute of Nautanki (IIN) thrashed a student for protesting against a mass bunk on the holy occasion of the World Cup semi-final between India and Australia tomorrow.

The professor, although, at first had shown reluctance and taunted students for being insincere towards studies. But when he quickly agreed to their (and his own) demands, a student, on his moral high horse, started sharing his concern over the ever-growing number of bunks and how cricket was not a good reason for a day’s mass bunk.

Bleed blue or bleed red, your choice.

The professor, a hardcore cricket fan, started scolding the student for being anti-national and accused him of being associated with separatists. “What is your roll number?” the infuriated professor asked. This statement was enough to put the poor student on life support.

When nothing seemed to work, the professor astutely played the “Being Nerd” card and was applauded at by the other students. The student finally asked for forgiveness and settled down. The professor, meanwhile, left the lecture hall because with just 25 minutes left in the lecture, his time was over.

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