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Protesters get ready for film release after Shruti Haasan says she’ll also leave India with her dad

The judge saw the movie and waited for two days hoping that something in the movie would change by itself. Then, he lifted the ban, but some people threw petrol bombs at theatres. This further convinced the TN government that it was the movie that was causing the riots and not the fringe groups. They banned the movie again. And:


The ban on the movie Vishwaroopam has taken a dramatic turn of events. So far, a well-known, tried and tested, and repeated narration of what happens every three days in India, was happening, and people were getting outraged on Facebook and Twitter from their drawing rooms. A twist happened yesterday when Kamal Haasan announced in a press conference that he was contemplating leaving India and taking his daughter Shruti along with him. Within minutes, people were on the streets demanding the ban to be lifted from the movie.

This categorically highlights the priorities Indian people have. The government though has not taken a call yet but they have got the signal loud and clear, as protest is the language they understand, and not the voice of reason or conformity with the Constitution.

Kamal Haasan also mentioned having invested all his wealth and life’s earnings in the movie and said he might not have a place to live if the ban is not lifted. Since then, 382303242902 people have offered Shruti Haasan a place to live but none to Kamal Haasan. This has convinced him further to definitely leave the country.

The Story So Far: Some people—while they were sleeping—heard the words “Muslims” and “Terrorists” used in the same sentence in the trailer of what is a work of fiction. Even before the trailer was over, both the internet and the streets were abuzz with people. These people were ready to riot if the movie was not banned and Kamal Haasan’s lips sealed forever. Through all this melodrama, the Tamil Nadu government got the hint that the movie had a riot-generating potential and could instigate some unreasonable elements, and hence they took the easy route as always: that of banning the movie without even seeing it. They didn’t consider that if they needed to ban anything, it should have been those fringe elements.

Kamal Haasan, being a law-abiding citizen, went to court and appealed. The judge, upon coming across a possibility of watching a movie without having to torrent it immediately, ordered a special screening for himself, completely disregarding the fact that Censor Board had given the movie a go-ahead. But even after finishing the movie, he waited for two days hoping that something in the movie would change by itself. Hapless in the end, he lifted the ban, but some people threw petrol bombs at the theatres where the movie was getting screened. This further convinced the TN government that the movie was causing the riots and not the fringe groups. And giving a treatment to the court what CBI generally receives from the UPA government, they banned the movie again. Kamal Haasan addressed his press conference after this.

In other news: Given the popularity of the gimmick, Esha Deol has said that she would leave the country if people don’t make her new film a hit in the 100-crore bracket. Since then, even those people who had purchased the tickets for unimaginable reasons were seen queuing in front of ticket counters to return those, and all the rioters were seen praying in the temples, gurudwaras, masjids and churches and keeping their fingers crossed in the hope of good news.

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