Congress attempts a comeback, Rahul joins Bigg Boss, Sonia launches Pasta pe Politics

The Delhi elections are finally set to take place in Februrary,2015 and while BJP and AAP prepare to go blow for blow, an unlikely party has tried to attempt a comeback. Yes, it is the INC which is planning to hit the ground with full throttle in the Delhi elections.

The Mona Lisa smile makes a comeback

Rahul Baba yesterday addressed a rally in west Delhi but was unable to galvanize the people as the crowd soon grew impatient and Baba was seen fleeing the venue while bravely maintaining his famous ‘Mona Lisa’ smile.

Congress joins hands with Happy New Year’s marketing team


Sonia Gandhi at the launch of Pasta pe Politics, joined by former CM Shiela Dikshit

It was after this incident that the Congress held discussions with SRK-starrer Happy New Year’s marketing team to revive the INC. It has been decided that Rahul Baba shall enter the Bigg Boss house as the ‘Videshi Wild Card’.

Congress core committee maintained that this would give Indians a peek into his genius mind. However, NTMN understands that the real reason is that it is the only possible way to keep Gandhi in front of the cameras and away from interviews.

Desh me kranti aa rahi hai: Kejriwal

We sought the opinion of Kejriwal and his reply was candid. “Iss desh ki janta jaag chuki hai. Kranti aa rahi hai. Aapne dekha kaise ye ek show mei bhi ‘backdoor’ entry le rahe hain. This is their true face. Congress kya, BJP kya, sab ek thaali ke chatte batte hain. ‘Revote’ for change this time(again).”

Amit Shah, the man of the hour, quipped. “They have done the right thing approaching HNY team. Both are abundant with money but without substance.”

RSS enraged at use of pasta instead of Indian roti

The Congress also plans to launch ‘Pasta with Politics’ to counter BJP’s ‘Chai pe charcha’ with Sonia at the helm. An enraged RSS spokesperson said,” This shows how insensitive the Congress is. Use of Italian pasta instead of Indian roti is blasphemous. Infact, use of English should be banned. It is dangerous to the concept of India. We should continue with austere values.”

Though there is still a good amount of time before the battle for Delhi begins, the contenders have already made their first moves.

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