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Student beats up friend for trying to introduce him to his crush; says he did it out of ‘shyness’

That guys in engineering colleges are mostly shy when it comes to interacting with girls is a fact well known. What is not known is that this shyness could also prove to be fatal for others—maybe even their own close friends. Kartik Kumar—a 22-year old engineering student in YACE has been accused of beating up his own friend from the same college—22-year old Taran on the night of the latter’s farewell party.

Kartik’s crush X turns out to be Taran’s good friend

Two days prior to Taran’s college farewell party, when Kartik—who is a year junior to Taran—told him about his crush of three years, let’s call her X, little did he know that she was a very good friend of Taran. So when Taran informed him of this with amusement, Kartik was left gobsmacked. Little did Taran know at that time that the laughter would almost cost him his life.

Shy Kartik begs Taran to keep this a secret


Kartik’s latest idea to propose X is wearing a T-shirt that says ‘I love you’. The problem? He might meet many women along the way. Genius!

After that, while Kartik banged his head on a wall, quietly mumbling, “shit, shit, shit…” endlessly, Taran asked him to “man up” and go say ‘hi’ to her. As soon as these words hit Kartik’s ears, something got into him, say witnesses, and he went berserk with anxiety. He held Taran by the collar, looked straight into his eyes, put his hand upon his mouth and said in the delicate manner of an old Hindi film heroine, “Waada karo, waada karo ki tum ye sach kisi ko nahi bataoge“. (Promise me that you won’t tell this truth to anybody). Taran’s friends reveal that the moment had made Taran wonder if Kartik’s crush was X or Taran himself.

Things get out of control at farewell party

The friendly banter took an unfortunate turn when Taran held Kartik by his hand and asked him to go with him and meet X in the farewell party. As per the accusations, Kartik pushed him away at that moment and started brutally kicking him while yelling, “You are not shy and don’t understand my shyness. Heck, you are even committed. You must die, you must die!”

Insiders report that Kartik did eventually get to meet his crush that day, when she came to the aid of her friend, Taran, who was getting mauled by Kartik. As she tried to help Taran back to his feet, Kartik was struck by the realization and stopped abruptly and mustered in a meek voice, “Hi, myself Kartik. Coffee?”

While the accusations are still yet to be confirmed, Kartik has gone into a state of deep shyness. He is seen crouching in one corner of the prison all day and saying to himself, “I know she would have said no. I just know that she would have rejected me, maybe even slapped me.”

Disclaimer: Kartik Kumar is not Kumar Pratik. Taran Kaneja is not Karan Taneja. This is purely a work of fiction, X is real though. 

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