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Student faces criticism for not indulging in any wrong activity during engineering life

Samit Kumar, a final year student from Yet Another College of Engineering (YACE) has shocked everyone by accepting that he has never boozed or smoked during his entire engineering life. Following this, there is an outrage all over the country which suggests that Samit has indeed brought the whole engineering fraternity to shame.

“It all started when Samit left the room while I was having a discussion about Sunny Leone,” reveals one of his friends. “We knew he had some weird habits like waking up early and taking a bath daily but we had no idea that he had gone so far on the wrong road,” said a friend, aghast by the news.

There is an apparent disgust at Samit’s habits even among the administrators. “I knew there was something wrong with the guy; he used to refuse my weed offers arrogantly,” remembers the hostel warden. “Samit used to remain aloof; and out of concern, I always advised him to take part in the night outs that were held for student development.”

The whole episode came to light when Samit announced all this on Facebook. He also posted: “I cannot keep my family in the dark any longer; they sent me to this college but little did they know that I was incompetent for the prestigious course. I was afraid what my family would say when they come to know about it. I’d been feeling guilty for my deeds so I thought I must reveal the truth now.”

The dean has announced strict measures would be taken to avoid any such cases in the future and asked the media not to defame the institute over this incident. “The guy used to come to classes even during mass bunks and never cared what his parents would say if they came to know how irritating this was for teachers,” said the dean. “Our laziest professor had even warned Samit that he would be detained if he had more than 95% attendance, but he was too stubborn to listen to anyone.”

engineeringDisgust at Samit’s un-engineering ways can be seen inside the photocopy shop as well. The xerox guy says, “That idiot was apathetic and wouldn’t let me earn some money by buying photocopied notes; he’d always purchase first-hand books instead.”

Girls from Samit’s class have complained that they felt unsafe in his presence as he used to harass them by discussing theory of relativity. “He even told us the uses of computer apart from Facebook.”

Student activist groups like ABVP and NSU sat on strikes demanding that Samit should be debarred from every government facility in the future. The college is working to open a community in the college which can control cases like this before they go out of hand.

The news has raised an alarm in parents all over the country and they are worried that their children may grow up to be non-engineering engineers like Samit. Colleges have issued advisories that every student is supposed to follow the “norms” of engineering. “Movies like 3 Idiots which distract the youth will be banned, while Chetan Bhagat’s novels would be included in the syllabus to guide their engineering life,” assured an HRD Ministry official.

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