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Student who does not understand the Budget defends his views passionately

This story was published soon after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget for 2015–2016 in the Parliament.

Calling it “like the best Budget ever”, an MBA student from IIN Ahmedabad has taken the social media by storm, and has been quite vociferous about his factually incorrect understanding of the same.

Faizal, who first tuned in to watch the Union Budget on Star Sports, was seen making his family uncomfortable by his lack of comprehension about how the economy works.

No shortage of jargons

Mr. Jaitley in awe of Faizal's intellect.

Mr. Jaitley in awe of Faizal’s intellect.

Faizal, whose Twitter bio describes him as a “hipster intellectual”, based his Budget discussions on phrases borrowed from the media. His conversation dictionary for today included phrases such as “reformative”, “obtuse”, “intellectually honest”, and “mara lo apni”.

He also used some fancy terms such as “regression” and “statistical techniques” from his IIN course to explain why he was better equipped to understand the Budget than the smartest man in the country, Chetan Bhagat.

With three backs in the current semester, Faizal was seen explaining the Budget to his friend with five backlogs, both of whom are equally inadequate to understand anything as simple as the Budget.

“Where’s the free WiFi in the Budget”

Commenting on the other Budget presented last week (the Railway Budget), Faizal said the only problem with it was that there was no allocation or even a reference to the promised free WiFi facility, which had provided him reason to vote in the recent elections. When some of his Facebook friends explained to him that this Budget had nothing to do with the Government of Delhi, his laconic reply was, “Acha tabhi wahan BJP ke itne saare bande the.

Faizal also abused railway minister Suresh Prabhu for delivering a development-centric budget when he could have easily lowered down the fares and introduced new trains which could also run late.

At last, Faizal was seen furiously tweeting his baseless and unfounded opinions about the budget.

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