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Teen visits Starbucks just to “check-in” on Facebook

Harshal Gupta, a middle-class boy studying in Yet Another College of Engineering (YACE) has developed some tastes of the elite class, or at least that’s what he believes. Thinking that it is a fad to visit Starbucks, check-in on Facebook and leave without ordering anything, Harshal has been following this practice religiously.

“This is the cheapest way to look rich,” says the 17-year-old whose self-esteem is tied to the number of likes he receives on social media, Harshal has no illusions about his looks.

Family and friends concerned about mental well-being

Harshal’s family is quite concerned about his mental health, terming this behaviour as obsessive compulsive disorder to save themselves from the shame of their son’s idiosyncrasies. “We have no idea why he does this; sometimes there is only a check-in but most of the times he includes his pic,” says his mother who is not quite fond of her only child. “And it is always the same generic pic, him standing somewhere where Starbucks logo is clearly visible and making a V-sign with his fingers.”

Harshal wallowing in his own mediocrity

Harshal wallowing in his own mediocrity

“Why the victory sign, does doing this stupid shit warrants some sort of triumph?” adds Harshal’s mother questioning his lunacy.

“My mother is just upset because I don’t go to Café Coffee Day,” says Harshal, failing to grasp his mother’s genuine concern about his deteriorating mental health.

Living it up on the social media

“This is just another case of projecting your cool lifestyle on Facebook,” says Swati, Harshal’s oldest friend. “But I have seen him photoshop a random girl in his display pic, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually has some mental issues,” she added quickly.

Harshal on the other hand, does not see any problem with his lifestyle. “I was the first in line when Starbucks opened in Delhi,” he reminisces one of his biggest accomplishments in life.

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  • Hi

    Being active on social media is a good thing but getting unnaturally obsessed with it is degrading for mental growth.
    Popularity through such acts is short lived.

    Be simple and be natural, upgrading oneself is only needed.


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