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Temples serve pizzas for prasad in an effort to attract Gen-Y

In an effort to revive the diminishing interest of the new generation towards religious practices, a group of pandits have devised what they call a “modern” plan. After an hour long meeting of the pandits from all over India, at the National Institute of Religious Practices, a unanimous decision was taken to modernize existing traditional temple practices.

Team NTMN approached one of the pandits, Pandit Bholeshwar, to grab the whole idea. He said, “The gradual decline in the attendance of people at temples is a matter of serious concern. We have thus arrived at this decision to modernize our ‘Temple system’. We are sure of its acceptance by the public.”

Here’s the entire list of changes that the temples wish to implement in the coming days.

Pizzas instead of prasad: Instead of the usual aloo-puri or halva for the Prasad, pizzas will now be served by the temples. An additional can of cold drink will also be served for those paying for special VIP entry.


Pizzas now to be served at the Golden temple among others.

Light and sound systems: New lighting and sound system will be installed in the temple. All the bhajans to be re-recorded by adding the taste of techno-beats and pop voices. Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam have been approached.

New uniforms for panditsThe attire of the pandits to be re-designed by fashion designers, to match them to the present generation.

Provision of online daan-peti (donation box): Development of the website of each temple with a special facility of online transaction of money for donation named as “online daan”. Note: The pizza (prasad) will then be delivered to you within 30 minutes.

On-campus internet facility: Free Wi-Fi facility in the temple premises for the youngsters, to access Facebook and hence encouraging more shares and likes on their pages and groups.

We also approached some people to gather their reactions on this move. Karan Saluja, a college student, said in a jubilant tone, “Wow! Did I hear pizzas? It’s a great move. I mean, now I can save money on my evening snacks; I can visit the temple near my college every evening. And yes, (reluctantly) I can pray there too.”

Meanwhile, it has also come to our knowledge that the two leading pizza chains in India, Pizza Hut and Dominos, have approached various temples with some alluring schemes, so as to fix the deals as “Official prasad partners”. They are even ready to initially finance the schemes and bribe donate some money towards the temple fund.

Also, keeping at par with the current trend from the game ‘Temple Run’, some temples have taken an initiative to start some adventurous games in the temple premises, a move to attract children as well. Further improvements and festival lucky draws are being planned, prizes being i-phone, TV, etc. as the Temple Society of India strongly feels that people need incentives to supplicate their own wishes.

Concept: Karan Taneja

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