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Time Magazine’s cover page declares Rahul Gandhi as “The Over-Achiever”

NTMN shares with you excerpts from the cover story


Here comes the latest issue of the Time magazine. Gracing its cover page is a photograph of Rahul Gandhi, the Prince of Nehru–Gandhi dynasty. Mr. Gandhi, following his recent swearing in as the Vice President of the Congress, has been dubbed “The Over-Achiever” by the magazine.

The magazine describes Rahul as a young, dynamic and a down-to-earth leader who has the potential to make India hit a new rock-bottom, “someone who India needs very badly, since no one is seen capable of holding the post of PM after Dr. Singh”. the feature suggests that Mr. Gandhi will be the best replacement to Dr. Manmohan Singh (the most efficient Prime Minister India has ever had), who is supposed to retire right after 2014 polls. The article assures the public: “If Sonia Gandhi can act as a doting mother to an 80-year-old man, she will definitely shower her own flesh and blood with all her motherly concern, which is in the best interest of the nation.”

Mr. Gandhi, known for his young age, iconic surname and politics (in that order), has been referred to as one of the best Indian politicians. “Mr. Gandhi has shown active participation in public as well as parliamentary debates. With his clear stands on national issues, he stands right next to the veteran Manmohan Singh.” Dr. Singh was also voted as the best orator of the century in a popular poll printed in the same issue.

The writer further adds: “Whether it is the historical victory in UP and Gujarat assembly elections under his charismatic and dynamic leadership, or his aamaran anshan for passing the Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, Rahul has always been an achiever; at such a young age he has made a long list of his achievements, and hence the name ‘The Over-Achiever’.”

After days of digging around, we found out that Rahul was awarded this title months back, but Time was waiting for him to outshine himself as a Gandhi and hold a bigger office in his family-owned political party (previously he was holding the post of the Vice President unofficially).

Our secret sources revealed that drawing inspiration from Time, the Indian weekly Outlook has decided to dub Michelle Obama as “The Over-Achiever” to give pay-back to the popular American weekly for honouring their leader.

Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi confirmed the news reported by NTMN recently that Rahul is going to marry Narendra Modi in the near future, and expressed her excitement for the same. This bold statement has given birth to an entertaining war of words between Congress and the BJP. Congress has already put up a six-foot tall portrait of Narendra Modi  in its office with a caption that reads: “Mrs. Rahul Gandhi” while BJP feels that “Rahul Modi” sounds much classier.

Surprisingly, Rahul said yesterday that he does not wish to tie the knot and start a family, as doing so will deviate his mind off the politics. He added that he has decided to stay single all his life and to do work for the well-being of Congress and the country. After her son’s denial, Sonia Gandhi, following the latest “withdraw and apologize” trend took her words back.

This report has been written by Ankit Gouraha and edited by Charvi Jain. Ankit and Charvi are interning with NTMN in our Youth Internship and Training Program 2013.

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