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Wife demands another son, so that elder sibling’s clothes can be used again

In an incident which has taken everyone by surprise, a woman is publicly demanding another son from her husband in order to reuse the clothes of the elder sibling again.

According to reports, she has been “emotional-blackmailing” him soap-opera style, with references from the Gita and the Vedas.

Ultimatum given   

Monishaa Sarabhai feels strongly about her cause and is observing dharna in her colony. “Failure to impregnate within 3 months will lead to divorce,” Monishaa said flatly. “My 2-year-old is already growing out of his clothes, what do you expect me to do? Throw the clothes away?” she questioned.

“Terms are non-negotiable. I want another son.”

“We do not believe in charity, the clothes will be used by my son, then by his younger sibling. After that I will use them to make clothes for the family dog, and finally the clothes will be used as pocha,” Monishaa explained her logic.

“You have no idea how much we can save from this,” she added.

One jeans equals three half-pants

Mrs. Rani explained the conversion rate for clothes. “One old jeans equals three brand new shorts for the younger kids. And, I’ll let you in on another secret. Take two full shirts of contrasting colours. Cut off their sleeves. Switch them and sew them on. Voila, you have two John Abraham type funky looking shirts. And, wastage of clothes? Zero. Tell me that is not a brilliant idea.”

“This is anarchy.”

Sahil, a dentist by profession is not pleased with her wife’s adventure and calls it a ploy to have sex. “I come home from work and she starts demanding sex.” Sahil said.

Sahil says he is tired of using the age old “I am just not in the mood” formula to neutralize sexual advances. “I am not a baby-making machine, she should stop looking at me like a sex object,” Sahil added.

Meanwhile, Monishaa’s dharna and her commitment to uphold the “cheap” Indian mentality has moved middle class women to tears. Many have flocked to the dharna site to show their support. Most notable among them is Mrs. Rani, mother of a cricket team.


Ekta Kapoor comes calling
Meanwhile, rumour has it that Ekta Kapoor has learnt about this news and wants to develop an entire TV show based on the idea. She has tried to get in touch with Monishaa Sarabhai for the same but NTMN has already filed pre-emptive copyright claims to protect the next generation of kids from having to wear old inherited clothes.

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