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10 reasons why L.K.Advani did not resign

In conversations with Lal Krishna Advani’s driver Digvijay Singh (who is the namesake of the congress man), Marco Materazzi(who has a surprising grasp on all ‘Italian’ politico) and a few others, NTMN has successfully ferreted out the top ten reasons why Advani Ji may have withdrawn his resignation. They are listed in no particular order:

1. He wanted to head butt NaMo: And write a bestselling book after. Resignation could have meant limited access.

2. Digvijay Singh effect:  That DS commiserated with him left LKA no option but to withdraw his resignation. In fact, this may actually have been a move orchestrated by a BJP mastermind.

3. Everybody knew: Everybody knew why LK Ji resigned. There wasn’t enough hullaballoo befitting a leader of his status. Even his blog traffic did not improve.

"There were only five reasons. Stop making stuff up." Advani Ji told NTMN.

“There were only five reasons. Stop making stuff up.” Advani Ji told NTMN.

4.  Out of pocket expenses: Petrol is up and Rupee looks all set to become a senior citizen.

5. Top of anything, is still the TOP: As the oldest politician in India, he couldn’t resign without at least attempting to break the record of ‘the oldest politician of all time‘.

6. He came back because his party is bigger than him: Previous personal agendas of becoming PM for ‘only’ 6 months are inconsequential now; it was his love for the party and its ideologies that made him reconsider seriously.

7. He wanted to review Yamla Pagla Dewwana 2: The Deols swear by this. LK Ji himself knows that nobody reads a movie review after 6 months of its release, unless written by an eminent politician, and bearing reference to epics a la Vishwaroopam. So, he is going to wait for half a year before reviewing YPD 2.

8. Issue of national safety: As motorcades and armored cars are in short supply, an issue of (personal) national safety may have arisen, especially with the way Delhi (read NCR) starts behaving at night.

9. He REALLY wanted to head butt NaMo: And write a bestselling book after.

10. He was convinced by the RSS’s reasoning: Or surprised by his party’s balls (as was I, frankly).

P.S.: The author sincerely believes that LK ji coming back to BJP will bolster the parties chances in 2014, but this was just too much ‘out there’.


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