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When Manmohan Singh met a speech therapist!

The leak will present a part of the document written by Vicky Moroner, who had been a close aid of Mr. Singh during the last tenure.

This report suggests Mr. Singh, after regular pokes from his wife Mrs. Kaur, secretly visited a speech therapist during the adjourned sessions in summers of 2012.

Mrs. Kaur: Now, I cannot bear these insults anymore.

Mr. Singh: Madam ji has advised – ‘People hurling insults is an everyday affair, what you should fear is a shoe’.

The therapist was about to tumble over the mouth of a kid salivating from all sides, when he heard Mr. Singh walk in alongside his wife. “Yes, sir, how may I help you?”

Mr. Singh said in a mode of total ignorance as if talking to his personal speechwriter, “As you like.”

Dr. Barack: Do you have a problem sir?

Mrs. Kaur: He doesn’t speak much.

Dr. Barack seated Mr. Singh in an arm chair “You need a therapist at this age? Don’t you think it’s too late?”

The PM is feeling much better now after the therapy.

The PM is feeling much better now after the therapy.

Mrs. Kaur: I know it’s too late, but the Government is going to lose anyway.

Dr. Barack: “Whatever that means! Sir, what are the letters that you can effortlessly enunciate? Specify the letters.” Dr. Barack said to Mr. Singh, who was innocently gazing at the caged parrot hanging from the ceiling.

Mr. Singh tilted his head towards the therapist, “Letters signed by Madam Ji.”

Mrs. Kaur: I must tell you there is no problem with his enunciation, but he is a genuine introvert.

Dr. Barack: Could you please open your mouth Mr. Singh?

And perhaps that was the second most important question in the history of mankind, the first one being, “Do you have Hernia? Why do you WALK like that?”

Mr. Singh froze his body as quickly as puddled Plaster of Paris.

Mrs. Kaur: Sometimes he takes his work too seriously, Open your mouth, look there is no one around.

Mr. Singh opened his mouth, and to Dr Barack’s amazement he had a visible set of thirty-two teeth, a tongue, a palate, and an epiglottis like all humans have.

Dr. Barack raised his hands nonchalantly, “I see no organs missing here. It is just that he should not hold his emotions up, nothing else! Try to ask him to speak loudly madam.”

“Madam!” Mr. Singh was loud and happy as ever with a broad smile and erect body.

Overlooking Mr. Singh’s mechanical remark Mrs. Kaur firmly asked, “What exactly is the ailment?”

Dr. Barack: He is infected by SonGad Z+; it’s a foreign virus which severely affects the part of your brain responsible for logical thinking, and other innate ideas viz. self-respect and patriotism.

Mrs. Kaur: No allopathic medicine for it?

“None, I am afraid,” Dr. Barack said, just having lost another prospective patient, “but a desi Ayurvedic churan will definitely do the job.”

Mrs. Kaur: Where would I get it?

Dr. Barack: It is now available for free in all markets; it is called ARV-K/WL 1000 gm.


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