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Race 2, Ripped Apart!

Once upon a time, there was a movie named Race 2, which marketed itself as an “action-cum-suspense thriller”. Despite that, many cine-goers, who really love to spend their money on realistic movies, wished it “R.I.P.”.

Pheww! 3 Idiots still remains the ultimate blockbuster and realistic actors still make realistic movies like Paan Singh Tomar, Special 26, etc.

Despite having the star-studded cast (including the part timers for throwing the charm in an item song or to be the bimbo girlfriend), and Pritam’s music of course, one has to be sad that Race 2 was just a waste of money again. The people who made the movie and who loved watching it, must start believing in doing charity.

If Saif Ali Khan was a computer, I would have put him to “Saif” mode so that he stops making calamities like Race 2. And If I had a time machine, I would have gone back in time and sincerely have asked Prakash Padukone to have his daughter choose badminton over Bollywood. And if I was the head of CBFC, I would have made it mandatory for every foreigner who comes into our country and doesn’t think beyond Bollywood for a career, to go through a screening audition first.

race-2-posterApart from my disappointments, Hollywood’s very own Anil Kapoor still feels that he is still young. At least Handsome Hunk John Abraham (who although keeps not using his acting muscles), could live up to the expectations of his fans by portraying a negative role again. By now, he must be upset that he gets only villainous roles in all of his big budget blockbusters. I seriously think that the duo Abbas-Mustan have grown old and must retire, incapable of pulling off yet another Aitraaz or Race anytime soon. In a parallel world, the duo must be celebrating and getting offers from renowned Hollywood film directors like Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee for teaching lessons about film direction.

I try to imagine the stunts; howsoever nature-defying and earth shattering, I still fail to pay mercy to the bad script. In that split second of a car explosion, even the naked eye catches that the car that just exploded wasn’t actually Mercedes. The epic jump of the leads from the plane speaks of its own impracticality. The tradition, which must have been inherited from masala South Indian movies over the years, of forcefully pushing a wayward item song into the otherwise vacant screenplay is well met in the movie inevitably. And while a choreographer successfully tries to make a mark in the movie industry, the cheesy “Lat Lag Gayee” dance steps reminds me how easy it is to woo the Indian cinema audience.

50 years back, cine-goers used to travel miles to catch their favourite stars on the 70 mm screen. Today, movie theatres and multiplexes have mushroomed everywhere. The two-rupee movie ticket has inflated 50 times. As the trends have changed drastically, what once Sholay had made for profits has turned out to seem as nickels. While movies like Ek Tha Tiger and Race 2 make crores, Chakravyuha goes unnoticed. For what a sane mind could guess, it was never the movie that queued up the profits, rather it was those high-profiled promotions, rich fashion shows, plagiarized or repetitive music, cheesy item songs and the unworthy good-looking superstars which did the thing.

Has the land of Tagore and Kalidasa gone short of realistic stories? I guess our great-grandfathers could have written a much better thriller than us.

As half of the Indian film fraternity still breathes the fire of innovation, hard work and realism underneath the coat of insensible movies that come and fade away, there is also always someone who despite enjoying a Race 2 show with friends only to have fun; and though unapproved of, in actuality, downloads Chittagong for (s)he still has respect for a good flick.

This report has been written by Satyajit Patnaik, and edited by Punita Maheshwari. Satyajit and Punita are interning with NTMN in our Youth Internship and Training Program 2013.

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