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“Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.” – Lord Byron.

News That Matters Not is a youth-based news satire website.

We are about diversity that goes beyond news satire. We are about writing that goes beyond conventions. Satire that goes beyond having fun. Opinions that go beyond rants. All that ought to matter, but matters not.

We are News That Matters Not. Yes, thank you, we have been complimented often for having a catchy name. Call us NTMN if you are obsessed with abbreviations (please, not NMTN or NTNM).


We deal with everything important by making it look awesome. From dark-and-deep cock-and-bull stories to subtle social change; real news to killer views; public sentiments to public bashing; witty humour to gritty criticism.

We put forth opinion. We build opinions.
We cover popular culture, news analysis, social commentary, controversies, youth affairs, celebrities, media.

We have done all this through news satire and sarcasm, opinion and criticism.
Don’t trust us to lay down facts, or information. We are about creativity in presenting perspectives.

We say no to nonsense, vulgar satire. Graceful satire that makes a point: that’s what we try.
Yes, at times, we are just mindlessly funny. Or just too serious. Even boring. We do have our own tantrums. But they work.

We’re a source of Delight… and Light.


We are India’s most unique youth platform. Unique, how?
Two international awards for good content. A Writers’ Ecosystem that budding writers can’t get anywhere else. An unconventional way to express: news satire. Elsewhere you rant at your misfortunes, here you wryly laugh at them. Yep, we are about positivity.

We allow you to explore yourself. Whether you are a writer or a reader, NTMN is your own website. Come, read, enjoy, express, learn, prosper. We have a sincere belief that we can make a change.

Known best for works on education system in India, and social satire. And of course our popular internship program.
Three years. 100+ young authors published. 900+ posts. 4,000+ comments. 25,000+ Facebook fans. And counting.


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News Satire on NTMN


Founded in November 2009, NTMN is the execution of the efforts of dozens of like-minded people—all in the age-bracket of 18 to 25. The team, led by Tanay Sukumar and Sugandha (2009-2013) and Kumar Pratik (2013-2015), consists of students and alumni of some of the best colleges of India. Two of our authors happen to be published authors today—one of them had never written a single article before getting published on NTMN. We have conducted workshops at Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) in Delhi and Jodhpur and BITS Pilani, as part of our efforts to enhance the understanding of satire among youth. Together, we have realized a purpose to our expressions. We enjoy what we do; our confidence comes from the sincerity in NTMN’s goals and vision.manthan-award

October 2012: Runner-up, World Summit Youth Award 2012 (Montréal, Canada). Category: “Pursue Truth!” The award recognizes best e-content by the youth, and is patronized by the UNESCO. (Details)December 2011: Winner, 8th Annual Manthan South Asia Award 2011 (New Delhi, India). Category: E-news and -media. The award recognizes best e-content practices and is organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation. The jury appreciated NTMN’s social value as a writing venture and its value as a youth platform. (Details) (in photo)

NTMN and NTMNers have been mentioned occasionally in the media. Details here.

* now-defunct
Last conducted in January–April 2013, our now-defunct internship program was an effort to help youngsters explore the potential of their writing skills in a larger perspective. We received over 1000 applications from all over India and abroad, in first two seasons (2011 and 2012). The Grand Jury at Manthan South Asia Award 2011 described it as “…an internship program that features dedicated training in writing and editing, on an individual basis…”

* now-defunct
When you start writing at NTMN, you become a part of some of the best ever and the most productive writing-based relationships. We impart into our authors a vision—a belief that their writing has the potential to bring about change. The Writers’ Ecosystem is the virtual space where student writers interact and write together, selflessly giving shape to each other’s ideas and enjoying each other’s successes. The selflessness comes from NTMN’s team culture which is about producing the best content—content meant to create social impact, not to exhibit literary genius.


Of course we accept submissions from readers who wish to contribute to NTMN. More awesome than what it feels on getting published on NTMN, is the feeling of enthusiastic support and feedback from our team. Do try writing once! To submit your works, have a look here.


We understand how much in love with NTMN you are. You will want to follow us, so that you never miss what we post. And here’s how you can do that:Facebook page: Click here
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Our address is www.NewsThatMattersNot.com. If that’s too long, we are also available on www.ntmn.in.


We are waiting to hear from you: The editors entertain flowery compliments and feedback on [email protected]. (Even if you hurl abuses, they won’t mind.) To write for us or to submit any other contribution, check out the Write for Us page.If you are a journalist and want to cover us, or to invite us to your events, write to us at [email protected]. To discuss partnerships with us (e.g. business, content, etc), try this. To have our team in your college to conduct a workshop or event, write to us at [email protected].To advertise on our website, fill up the form on this page. General feedback: here.For any other purpose, use this.


“…has taken news satire beyond fake news, created value by providing a popular writing platform for the youth in India… A unique work by students, therefore the student readers are able to connect very easily.” — The Grand Jury, Manthan South Asia Awards 2011.

“…one of the very rare places in the virtual world which surprise me, make me smile, show me sparkling, funny angles to otherwise straightjacketed news that I deal with every day… Would love to see more people reading NTMN.” — Abhijit Majumder, journalist (2010).

“…a wonderful time reading utmost hilarious as well as insightful satire on NTMN… Some of the best satires I have ever read.” — Harsh Snehanshu, bestselling author.

“…an unusually vibrant and dynamic organisation…” — Anirban Sarma, UNESCO.

“…fresh air in Indian blogosphere. Hope you become a powerful voice against inequality and injustice in society.” — Giribala Joshi, popular blogger.

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