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The Weekly Review: Beni vs. Mulayam, Karuna vs. UPA, Bollywood vs. Justice

A Review of the Week's News

Recently Congress leader Beni Prasad called Mulayam Singh Yadav a dacoit. He accused him of supporting UPA “in return of commissions”, of being a goonda, and what not. Our leaders were quick in raising such a hullabaloo and pandemonium that the Parliament had to be adjourned. The next day, discussions happened on the anti-rape Bill, where leaders from all parties jumped the wagon in objectifying women, calling them names, questioning their dresses, and saying the stuff even Shakti Kapoor would think twice before saying. This time there was neither a ruckus in the Parliament, nor any adjournment. Well, at least we can sure of one thing: our “leaders” know their priorities, with 2014 just some a year away.

The Potential Molester
Speaking of the level to which law and order has degraded, and how much this “Gen Y” has respect for their elders, is this story: A 62-year-old former Samajwadi Party MP was arrested for simply asking a girl on the train to move a little, so that he could share the berth with her (those are his words, not mine). Now if we don’t respect and give a seat to even 62-year-olds, I don’t know where this society is headed. The girl mentioned in the FIR that he might have molested her, which I cannot believe… he is a former MP for God’s sake! No MP of ours would ever do anything so demeaning to a girl. I’m sure there was some misinterpretation when the old man asked for the seat. Oh and by the way, the girl later withdrew the FIR, after some of the MP’s goons PR people made her see a point (there was no visible miscommunication this time).

akhilesh yadavAkhilesh Yadav Laptops
SP has been in the news a lot lately. Akhilesh Yadav distributed laptops to students. Immediately the laptops surfaced in the open market and were up for grabs to anyone willing to shell out 10000 bucks. Now what’s the first thing any respectable Indian does after getting a laptop? Yes! Change the wallpaper to Sunny Leone’s! Unfortunately for the beneficiaries of the scheme, the laptops had permanent Akhilesh Yadav wallpapers on them. Any attempt to change it immediately crashed the laptops. Till the last report, 100% of the distributed laptops had crashed.

Sri Lanka at UNHRC
The week was also marked by protesters protesting against the cruelties faced by many through the hands of the few in power—the alleged genocide that took place in Sri Lanka towards the end of the Civil War.

As if killing the LTTE leader Prabhakaran wasn’t enough, the Rajapaksa government goes on to kill his son by giving him poisoned snacks. It took thousands of students across Tamil Nadu to flock on the streets demanding the Central Government to vote against Sri Lanka in the US-sponsored resolution at the UNHRC meeting in Geneva. And, Karunanidhi pulled out of the UPA immaturely (that was immature, but can’t blame Karunanidhi for that; if I had the kind of sons he has, I’d also be confused about how long to stay and when to pull out). The UPA surprised everybody by bitch-slapping the DMK sons with a CBI raid the very next day. It is as if the CBI is UPA’s ultimate weapon of mass surrender. Unfortunately for UPA, DMK did not surrender. What works for Mulayam and Mayawati may not work on Karunanidhi. So, in the end, the top Congress brass itself formed a line to condemn the raids, and said an inquiry (hahaha) would be launched into the what and how of this.

sanjay duttThe Biased Bollywood
While this event shows the empathy of the common people, the heroes in Bollywood have a different opinion about life. Apparently anyone who has “been good” and belongs to a “good family” can be pardoned for crimes. After Sanjay Dutt was convicted to 5 years of imprisonment for illegal possession of arms, celebrities poured in their tweets condemning the judgement and exclaiming how sorry they feel for poor Sanju Baba. The hypocrisy found in the different stances regarding crimes and criminals gives Spiderman the cancer! Moreover, it took us as much as a former judge to tell us that someone can be pardoned for reasons like having a wife and small children.

In the technology arena, a new mobile app was released. It can tackle forced marriages, or rather, it can tackle 90% of the marriages in India. The khaps have approached the company which made the app to see if they can get one made to tackle to same gotra marriages as well.

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