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We welcome original contributions from readers who wish to get published on this website. Over 100 young authors, most of them student writers, have been published on NTMN, till date. You’re welcome to even join our team, if you love NTMN way too much! Else, becoming a Citizen Satirist would still be a great choice.

Modes of Contribution:

  • News satire (fictitious stories resembling journalistic news reports)
  • Satirical Visuals (if you are not good with related software (e.g. Photoshop), you may just send in your ideas to us. Our illustrators would love to work upon them and get your ideas to see the light of day!) (Examples: Picture Stories | Videos | Infographics)
  • Opinion pieces (Examples here)

How to Get Published: You can always send in your submissions to [email protected].

Only those contributions which satisfy our editorial criteria will be considered. It is possible that you need help getting started. Or that you have your doubts and queries, or you may want to seek an opinion about your ideas before you actually start writing. In any such case, you are always welcome to let us know on this email ID: [email protected]. We are prompt and enthusiastic in our support to authors.


About our Team of Satirists: While most readers love NTMN for its insightful use of satire and humour, its authors love it for the fact that—to put it straight—NTMN has changed their lives: as writers, as students, as professionals, as intellectuals, as persons. At NTMN, we impart into our authors a vision—a belief that their writing has the potential to bring about change. Our Satirists Ecosystem is the virtual space where student writers collaborate and write together, selflessly giving shape to each other’s ideas and enjoying each other’s successes. The selflessness comes from NTMN’s team culture which is about producing the best content—content meant to create impact, not to exhibit literary genius. To join us as a team member instead of as a citizen satirist, please click here.


Incentives: We are a student-based not-for-profit initiative. We serve just enough ads on our website to keep the website running. Therefore as a voluntary venture, we do not have any monetary incentives yet for works published on the website, or for content developers. However, you may request us for a work experience certificate at any point of time, after having been with us for a decent period of time.


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