Woman ecstatic after she wrote her name in Hindi for the first time since Class 10

Tanay Sukumar and Aashish Aryan, August 23, 2011

A young woman in Jaipur has written in the Devanagari script for the first time in at least half a decade, thanks to a boyfriend who turned up late for a date.

It all began with what was supposed to be few moments of leisure. It had been twenty minutes since Rajat had assured his lover that he was almost there and would reach in just five minutes. Sonakshi was excited about meeting him after a month of his foreign visit. But, cometh the boyfriend, goeth the excitement.

Sitting in the restaurant, with a pen in hand, with nothing else to do, Sonakshi scribbled her name in the Devanagari for the first time ever since she passed out of school over five years ago. The excitement was such that Rajat’s arrival failed to excite her.

“Oh woman! I was bored; I chewed fingernails, made hearts on the paper, all shapes and types, but nothing seemed to help,” she later wrote on Facebook. “And before I could know, I was writing my name in Hindi! The pen wrote on its own, while I was lost in my thoughts… and a minute later, it looked like some alien language that I knew in the past.”

She said what she wrote unintentionally reminded her of her Class 10 board exams.

In comments, Sonakshi’s friends shared their own stories of how her post had motivated them to try this exotic art. They shared pictures of expletives they wrote in the Hindi script. Some tried writing their names.

One friend said he had thought the Hindi alphabet ran like a, ba, sa, da, and so on, until he searched for it online to take this Hindi-writing challenge for validation among friends.

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