Passenger with both legs in air defies gravity, manages to hold on to crowded DTC bus

Parag Goel (illustration: Nipun Chawla), November 1, 2011

By Nipun Chawla

A Delhi man has shown people a solution to the problem of overcrowded buses in the city. Instead of trying to squeeze his way inside one such bus, Montek Singh climbed at the back of the bus to travel and performed jaw-dropping and gravity-defying stunts to maintain his position and body parts – and succeeded in reaching his destination 20 km away.

Videos of Singh’s stunts captured by people in different parts of the city went viral on every popular social networking website. The Delhi Transport Corporation also took notice when even Orkut reported minor activity related to this video.

DTC said in a press release: “This piece of news has provided us with a novel opportunity to save the taxpayers’ money that we were planning to use on ordering new buses. We have decided to announce a new class of tickets for passengers boarding the bus at its rear.”

The Delhi government said the 27-year-old is an inspiration. “He sets a precedent and shows faith that population is not a problem as long as people can innovate wisely,” a transport official said. “Montek, although a man, gives great motivation to women who avoid using the bus in summers because of smelly and ill-mannered gents. No one will misbehave with them if they cling on to the bus from behind.”

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