Terrorists cancel bomb blast plans, after very few Indians bother to turn up at Republic Day functions

Saswata De, January 27, 2012

A terrorist strike at a Republic Day event was averted after attackers were let down by dismal attendance at the proposed strike location in Ahmedabad. Lack of interest in flag-hoisting and patriotic celebrations by Indians may have saved scores of lives, intelligence sources said.

A relative unknown terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack that did not happen. The group claimed it abandoned its plan as it was not willing to waste costly explosives and detonators on “just a few people”.

The group has reportedly sent death threats to senior officials of intelligence agencies as they blamed them for sabotaging their plans. However, intelligence sources said they had no idea about the attack in advance.

“We got to know about the attack that did not happen only after the group claimed responsibility,” a top official said. “The terrorists were trying out a new location. Thank heavens the people had enough sense to remain indoors, wake up late and watch TV.”

India’s intelligence officials are now planning to conduct surveys to understand the pulse of the nation, so that they do not spend unnecessarily on security arrangements at events that are not likely to see many people.

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