This guy admits he uses earphones even if there are no songs playing, just to look cool

Tanay Sukumar, February 23, 2012

Kamaal Rashid Khan, a 21-year-old student in Delhi University, has told NTMN that he uses earphones even when there is no song playing. “I keep them plugged into my ears whenever I am outside home, just to look cool and sexy,” he had admitted.

To prove that he is indeed not listening to any songs when his ears seem to be blocked from the outside world, he shows us his mobile phone: it has an external memory of 10MB, and he has only two songs in the music apps.

When asked if he isn’t bored of having only two songs, he retorts, “No, I am not bored of them yet, since I haven’t even listened to them enough! I told you, I just plug in earphones but I don’t listen to any songs! I hate music, but I love earphones.”

KRK, as he wants us to call him in this report, believes girls tend to go for guys who use earphones in public, as it looks cool and carefree. “For guys who can’t manage expensive shoes and dresses, having a choice in music is the best best,” he says. “I saw a survey that said 99% of all guys who had a love marriage had listened to earphones at least once in life.”

Worth it?

So, what goes on in his mind when he pretends to be listening to music? “I observe people around,” he says. “Girls actually. I listen to their talks.”

KRK did not reveal which are the only two songs on his phone’s memory card, but assured that they were not Himesh Reshammiya songs. “I have saved English songs to leave better impression upon girls. I read somewhere that having a cheap handset can be safely compensated by listening to English music.”

So, has it worked? Does he have a girlfriend now? “Well, sometimes girls do seem to like me, but they have no idea that my phone doesn’t even have FM radio,” he says.

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