After four days of street-fight, both men forget why they started fighting

Tanay Sukumar, March 24, 2012

A street fight in East Delhi entered its fourth day today, but onlookers said the original trigger for the fight has now been lost somewhere in the dust, fists and a lusty choice of words.

Experts at the fight venue, some of whom have watched the fight ever since it began, vaguely recall that the trigger was probably one of the men parking his son’s toy tricycle in front of another man’s house – despite a “No Parking” sign. The other man is then said to have deflated the tyres of the small cycle.

There were, however, some other stories floating as well.

One witness said that when he reached the venue, the topic was which man’s father had died taller in height. Another, who joined only on the second day, heard the men fight over whether Sachin Tendulkar should retire, and a third thought the men had taken their shoes off to decide whose child went to a better school.

Both men are still alive – the current major reason the fight is still on.

We tried to talk to the two men during a five-minute break:

“Over the last three days, I have developed a certain love towards hating him,” one of them said, adding that he had forgotten why he began to fight. The other said that with the media covering the fight, he could now find a place in Bollywood or Bigg Boss.

As the break drew to a close by the third minute, the first man grabbed his enemy’s neck, shook him, and said four unprintable words very politely and lovingly.

“For the first time, I have seen a Lok Sabha in real life,” one onlooker told us. He favours the first man, and is actively designing innovative Hindi swear words for him to use.

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