Missing billionaire finally rescued from remote corner of his mansion

Tanay Sukumar, Ravi Aswani and Aman, June 5, 2013

Billionaire and industrialist Mukesh Bambani, who was reported missing recently, has been rescued by a search team from a 42’x42’ bathroom on the sixth floor of his own mansion.

“Although he owns this place, it is essential to investigate how on earth Mr. Bambani reached that bathroom,” a police official said. “Knowing this will help prevent such incidents in the future.”

Bambani was rescued after a search operation that ran for a week. Security has been beefed up at the mansion.

“The 27-floor mansion houses as many as four people, and thus security is a key issue,” said an official, confirming that the bathroom where Bambani was found is the smallest of all bathrooms in the mansion – a possible reason why it was difficult to find him.

After his rescue, Bambani said that he was happy because the incident had led to the discovery of yet another hitherto unknown bathroom in the mansion.

Mrs. Bambani, however, seemed indifferent about the whole issue. Emerging from an IPL match, she hurriedly remarked: “He must have been playing hide and seek in that small place with Junior Bambani and ultimately lost his way. Media people are unnecessarily hyping it.”

Security sources in the building told us that in the past, many servants have gone missing or have lost their way in the house. Some claim they have even been to the ‘Chamber of Secrets’ inside the mansion.

A worried Mr. Bambani has now asked all his family members, as well as servants, to carry GPS-enabled devices with them while moving around. He is also in touch with architects to set up direction boards and help-centres connecting various remote places within the mansion.

(Concept: Mayank Goyal)

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