Girl who committed the crime of provoking men to rape her brought to justice

Sameer Hussaini, July 16, 2013

In a dramatic incident, a hero and saviour of the Indian culture was provoked to rape by a shameless girl who tried to malign the tradition by wearing western clothing – shockingly a half-sleeve T-shirt and tight skinny jeans.

In his police complaint, the man said it was so heart-rending to see Bharatiya Sabhyata getting murdered that his inner self couldn’t help but commit that heroic act.

He also said this wasn’t the first time that he resorted to such heroism and had been active in this noble profession for quite a while.

The local MP said the country is highly indebted to the great man and said he should get a bravery award. Encouraging the youth to continue the legacy, he said all those who dare to westernize our pavitra society should be dealt with in the same manner and rapists should be compensated for putting in such efforts.

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