BJP leader takes break from election rallies to fulfil part-time duties as PM of India

Kumar Pratik, October 14, 2014

In the middle of an election rally yesterday in Maharashtra, BJP leader Narendra Modi, who also incidentally happens to be the Prime Minister of India, took a break to address more pressing issues of the nation.

Urgent call from Defence Minister

Modi stopped mid-sentence at the rally as he got an urgent call from the defence minister. Like the responsible person that he is, he stopped his artful description of NCP as Naturally Corrupt Party and answered the call.

Modi quietly listened to the minister’s concerns for a whole minute and then sought to assuage them using his infinite wit, “Is route ki sabhi lainen vyast hain. Kripya kuch der baad koshish karen.” He laughed at his own joke, and then with a grave face, returned promptly to the mike to continue his Sharad Pawar bashing.

“One nation, one party”

If experts are to be believed, the only reason the BJP leader has been campaigning really hard in Maharashtra recently is for the progress of India as a nation. “One nation, one party is our motto,” BJP chief Amit Shah told NTMN as he boarded his private chopper for campaigning in remote locations of the country.

After the rally, we caught up with BJP leader Narendra Modi and he got candid for the first time in a very long time. He said he really enjoyed his part-time job of being the PM of India. “I feel like I’m doing a service to my country. Social service is important, but the job that pays you must come first, right?”

Development still the number one priority, in speeches and rallies

Modi also said that development will always be his number one priority, in rallies and speeches. He was non-committal beyond that point on the matter. When further asked on the need to campaign at this point, the BJP leader started throwing jargon like Gujarat and technology. So, this reporter decided to ignore the response and asked him if there was a conflict of interest in the position that he holds.

“No conflict of interest”

The BJP leader got agitated at this question and responded, “There is no conflict of interest. These are very separate things. I am the BJP leader whenever the Government does something good. The rest of the times, I am the PM of India. Simple as that. Now, let me get back to work. I am the only one who does anything around here anyway.”


Concept: Shubham Aggarwal.

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