E-retail websites banned as rape victim was wearing provocative clothes bought from one of them

Kumar Pratik, December 9, 2014

The police have swiftly decoded the latest Delhi rape incident and have found that the girl was wearing provocative clothes bought from an e-retail website. Government officials believe that banning e-commerce websites will prevent future rapes.

It is believed that just like other measures such as banning online taxi services, banning porn, banning gay marriages and banning alcohol, this move will immediately bring a halt to rape incidents.

“Provocative clothing the cause of rape”

An official brushed aside claims from journalists that the rape was motivated simply by the rapists’ malicious intentions. He reiterated that “the root cause of all rapes is provocative clothing”. He said latest police statistics show “provocative clothing” is different from “dressing provocatively” as any cloth on a victim’s skin is provocative.

However, the issue is where the victim got her provocative clothes from, the police chief told mediapersons. “We have traced it to an online e-commerce website,” he said. “Clearly, these websites are responsible for the instances of rape happening in Delhi. We have asked the Centre to block all these websites with immediate effect.”

(Concept: Milind Singla)

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