Young siblings declare war as elder ones refuse to do their holiday homework projects

Khyati Sharma, July 9, 2015

Taking the nation by storm, elder siblings in a historic revolt have refused to do the summer holidays homework of their younger brothers and sisters.

In a unanimous decision, the elder siblings agreed that they will no longer conform to the shackles of this age-old tradition.

Younger siblings are enraged by this development and have promised an equally drastic reaction to this action.

“Forget your secrets!”

We caught up with a bunch of kids who challenged their brethren: “They think they can do anything. We have always been the second choice. At least doing our holiday homework was a way to make up for repressing us.

“No. We refuse to accept this. Doing our projects is a payment for always playing with Mario, do you think we like playing with Luigi? He is absolutely the worst.”

Another one said, “They should forget all their so-called secrets now! We will make sure that their secrets no longer remain secrets.”

Stationery shop owners come out in support of younger ones

Stationery shop owners are heartbroken and have come out in large numbers to support younger kids.

Mr. Bholu told us his side of the story. “Dekhiye inn chart papers ko. What will we do with them? This thermocole? Who will make useless projects out of them if not the elder siblings?

“And don’t even ask about the sketch pens and glitter pens that never last more than a month. Total loss!”

Root cause: mobile phones?

While young kids are battling it out with their big brothers and sisters, parents were quick to blame it all on mobile phones.

Mrs Pados Wali Aunty said: “Sab cheez na iss phone ke karan hoti hai. Jab dekho phone pe lage rehte hain yeh bache.”

Meanwhile, a bunch of engineers have seized this opportunity and have started a coaching institute, to teach kids how to get through life without doing any work.

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